Summary of “Who Really Invented the Internet?” by Gordon Crovitz

“The creation of the Arpanet was not motivated by considerations of war. The Arpanet was not an Internet. An Internet is a connection between two or more computer networks,” said Robert Taylor, the former head of ARPA, in 2004. Gordon Crovitz uses this line of thinking in his article, “Who Really Invented the Internet?” According […]

As We May Think 2.0

In 1945 Vannevar Bush published an article in The Atlantic describing outlandish pieces of technology that few could comprehend. Flash forward twenty years and some of the worlds leading scientist and inventors were creating the man’s greatest feat, the internet. The ideas were there in 1945 but the technology wasn’t. Bush’s article served as a challenge to […]

Roads and Crossroads of the Internet History

This is the summary of Roads and Crossroads of the Internet History by Gregory Gromov. This online book is about the entire history of the internet and is fantastic really as every single bit of it has a hyperlink source right after it so if you want more depth it’s just a click away. Gregory […]

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