Week 11: Social, Economic, and Cultural Impacts

This week our student panel will be discussing the social, economic, and cultural Impacts of the internet—a broad swath of potential topics. To focus the discussion, the summarized readings provided by this week’s panelists can be found here: http://theinternetcourse.net/category/impacts/

Also, for this week’s discussion, I want everyone to blog about at least one social, economic, or cultural impact of the internet and how it has directly effected your life by before class tomorrow, Tuesday march 25th. Be specific, tell a story. Don’t write a technology down and be done, narrate specifically how the one particular emmanation of the internet you chose has effected you. Tag this post “impact” (no quotes).

Jack E

And here is the Google document containing the panelists specific sub-topics, talking points, resources, links, and discussions questions. It is empty yet, but I’m sure this panel will rectify that shortly, or reap what they sow!!!

See you all on tomorrow!

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