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Lawrence Lessig TED Speech

I wonder why those chickens flew the same way as the airplanes, and right into the barn wall.  I really want to know what cause those chickens to act that way.

I was, at first, confused on how Lessig was going to connect the chickens and the airplanes to the topic about broadcasting.  I found it really interesting that he compared our remixing to trespassing just like the planes were trespassing over the farms.  The farmers believed the planes should have to ask permission to fly over their farms, so should we have to ask permission before remixing movies, music, etc.  It seems absurd now for planes to have to ask permission to fly over anywhere, so why should we need permission to put a song to a cartoon, or remix multiple songs together.   I thought the video as a whole was very interesting, it was a little slow in the beginning, but the mood lightened up with the chickens and planes. The anime and Jesus videos were so hilarious, they made the video so much better and more enjoyable to watch.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late Chapter 6

  • The Vietnam War was priority in government, and so ARPA was pushed out of the Pentagon, and forced into a leased building in Arlington, Virginia.
  • FTP:  File Transfer Protocol. According to the book, FTP, is something of a life force for the network.  Its basically the equivalent of breathing for humans, data inhaling and data exhaling.  FTP was the first application to have 2 computers treated as equals instead of one as a terminal to the other.
  • PERRY, the first of the virtual conversationalists, mimicked the belief system of a paranoid psychotic
  • The Doctor was another conversational program, this program mimicked the behavior of a psychiatrist
  • Cerf set up a conversation with PERRY and The Doctor, the conversation was all about PERRY paranoid and psychotic issues

Where Wizards Stay Up Late Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

Steve Crocker and Vint Cerf were friends since high school, both intelligent and coming from tough backgrounds.  Crocker’s parents were divorces and shuttled him between houses, and Cerf was hearing impaired, however Cerf created clever strategies to communicate with the hearing world.  Cerf also later in life married a profoundly def illustrator. Both attended UCLA, Crocker a few years older, left to also attend MIT, while Cerf became part of a project with his thesis advisor, Jerry Estrin, was starting, involving an ARPA contract for the “Snuper Computer.”  Crocker later went back to UCLA and also joined Estrin’s group.  I really liked reading about Kline trying to log-in to the new system, which required a command, the command being LOGIN.  It was really funny to read about the bad connection and the noise, and so Kline only got to yell out an L, O, G and then the computer crashed, after it had received the letter G it tried to send back LIN, however it could only send out one character at a time. Later Kline tried again and was finally able to get it working.

Neilsen Cross-Platform Report

I found this article really interesting because it is what my life is about, TV.  It talks about “bending time” by describing the new technology we have out that lets people record TV shows and watch TV shows On Demand.  I takes the old idea of having to watch TV live and throws it out the window, now everything can be recorded and watched at a later time, which works with people’s busy schedules.–the-nielsen-cross-platform-report-q3-2012.html

Instagram for Doctors

This article was very interesting to me.  This instagram app for doctors allows doctors from different parts of the country and around the world to share information and photos from interesting and confusing cases.  It is a good tool for teaching doctors about a new procedure that might be used or it allows doctors to collaborate and solve a confusing case that one doctor by himself cannot solve.  I think this is one of the coolest ideas technology has given us as it advances.

Co-creation: A new source of value

Some interesting points from my article about customers becoming co-creators in value because they are so intimately involved in the development and usage of what others are selling.

  • we define value in terms of the interaction between 3 variables:  costumer needs, the attributes of a product, and the overall cost
  • costumer value is realized when product attributes match specific costumer needs
  • embraces co-creation by encouraging readers to post their reviews for others to read and building a retail community by offering a 3 percent commission to customers whose Web sites direct sales to
  • co-creation requires a great effort from both producer and consumer because people on both sides must think about what they want to get out of a cooperative relationship
  • companies must provide the right reward and level of rewards for effective co-creation behavior

Surveillance Technology

It’s no secret that the government has technologies such as,  surveillance cameras, license plate readers and drones that spy on us.  The problem is, when does this become too big of invasion of privacy.  The technology is spreading fast as it gets cheaper and cheaper, however, the article from New Republic that the key to privacy is balancing the two.  The article says not to hold back the growth of the technology progress, but to develop and improve rules for handling the information produced and establishing oversight systems to monitor the use and effectiveness.

Are Advertisers Spending Too Much on Web Video Advertisement

A Nielsen study found that web video advertisement is expected to take $4.12 billion in ad money.  However, that seems to be way too much considering Nielsen found that over 282 million Americans watch an average of over 146 hours of television each month, or just under five hours each day per person. But, when it comes to desktops, only 146 million watch video there, and they spend a grand total of just six and a half hours doing so each month.  While spending a good amount of money of web advertisement is probably smart and a good investment, advertisers should be spending more money on TV advertisement because Americans are still watching more TV than, online web videos, where most of the advertisements will be.