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Up in the Cloud(s)

I think today’s group was really prepared and a topic that is definitely one our class hass to learn about because it is being pushed so much by tech companies.

I remember about six years ago when I got my second computer. I remember having to save all of my files onto CDs so that I could still have my embarrassing 6th grade pictures for the future. It was such a pain to move 4 years worth of files onto CDs. And it is crazy to think that I won’t have to save my files onto CDs when some popular computers like the MacBook Pro don’t even have a function to put in a CD. Now, all I have to use are different clouds like Google Drive and DropBox.

When we were talking about videogames and game consoles, I look forward to when I can play again Nintendo 64′s Pokemon Stadium from any other console. However, I don’t think it would be the same experience because the console controllers added to that experience. But being able to play it similarly like I did when I was younger will be priceless!

All things aside, the Cloud is such a great idea, making our lives so much easier and practical.

No more saving old files onto CDs!!

pokemonstadium pokemonstadium