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A Television Life


“You know what I do all day? I watch you. From the very beginning of my life as soon as I left that factory floor where I was created and left that claustrophobic space you call a  box, I was yours. You stare directly at me as if I just an object, selfish. I need a life more than what you have given me and that hideous face I have to stare at everyday, at least you get to look at me for a couple of hours.”

His life was not as simple as most television sets, which usually consisted of several hours of programs and monotonously sitting staring at a human’s face. However, for this television set, who has no name because they are never given one, it had a different perspective on life. It became complete fed up with the task it was given at birth and set for himself an ambitious goal.

Though I have to say for this television set his ambitions were what we like to call, unachievable and sadly naive.  However, the life of this young television left him in complete misery and loneliness. He endlessly thought of various plans of escape while his owner was away. Dreaming of running through the padlocked door only ten feet away. But only slowly did he realize he could never escape his statued state. Over time his dreams vanished, but his misery and loneliness remained. Day in and day out his life was the same. Until….

He had enough of the this life and refused to live in such captivity any longer. He could not seek joy or happiness in giving just that to others. If he could not escape from the lonely mantel where he stood the only solution to end his suffering was to shut off. Bored, sad, and helpless were the only emotions he ever felt no matter what channel he was showing at the moment, even when a comedy was on late night.

He ended his short lived life with bang! He surfed every channel one last time before giving out a loud long whistle and then the end came. He thought to himself, “For the first time I am truly happy and to that I am relieved.” His pains were no more and the cruel world in which he saw was no more…

He sat forever in an eternal white noise……

whitenoiseUntil of course his owner bought a newer more compatible and subordinate SmartTV.