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Fair-Use Help For Internet On Its Way

With so many students in schools using the internet these days to do their schoolwork, teachers and administrators are finding it very difficult to make sure these students do not copyright information. In this generation, students all over the world are using the internet, not only for personal use, but for school as well. When writing papers or doing projects, students are required to cite their sources. However, students lack initiative to cite properly or fail to do so at all. Considering this,  they have created “The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education,” that restricts websites that are not permitted by law  for classroom use. Kathleen Kennedy Manzo states that, “As more and more teachers and students seek to tap into technology-based information, share that information by downloading or sharing content, or mix it in podcasts and other user-created content, there is an increasing need for accurate information about the fair use of outside materials.” Hopefully with the new limitations put on school computers, students will be more accustomed the Internet’s fair use laws.