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Panel Discussion Reflection: How It Has Evolved

In this discussion the group discussed how what we use today has evolved from the use of the internet. The group went into depth about dating sites. From this discussion I’ve learned the there are numerous amounts of different kinds of dating sites. The dating sites has taken off from a personal level to a […]

Chapter 3 and 4 of Where Wizards Stay Up Late

Chapter 3:

In this chapter, it begins discussing actually building the computer. They were initially given $25K and the scientist started to higher ivy school dropouts. The idea was to start their own research  facility  were students and computer scientist come together to create the IMP. The scientists made a goal to make the network to be fast and “transparent” as possible. They also had to make a proposal to BBN to make receive more money for their research.

Chapter 4:

The scientists have been getting enough funding to build four IMPs, despite the doubts of the phone companies. It seems these scientist have great confidence in themselves that their goal will be achieved.  In this chapter, the scientist began coding the assembly language into the computer. The scientists discussed to Washington of how the ARPANET would send packages from one computer to another. Also they dealt with numerous troubleshooting  and debugging of the IMP.  Finally by the end of the chapter, had built one functional IMP and it was about ready to be shipped out.