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Group 3 Neuromancer Survival Guide

Our group decided to do a gif story not on the book itself, but the themes that we believe represent the novel as a whole. So we all decided to create themes that we felt were relevant and then found Gif’s that would embody the idea of our theme. We all went onto and decided to pick 4 or 5 and describe how they were connected to our theme. Rose had put the idea of instead of just putting them into the blog post to put into to Storify. This allowed our project to have more fluidity. For my particular theme I chose Blueprints. At first it sounds unusual but the way I look at it this novel is the foundation of creativity, the future of technology, and it also was the map of Case’s life journey with all of the obstacles he had to face. We all came to the idea that Gif’s are so clever but to summarize the whole story wasn’t necessary for the future reader. Giving theme puts a frame or a foundation if you will of what themes you might come across within the novel. It will also give you hints of what to look out for and allow you to come up with your own themes. We called it a survival guide because for us we all had a difficult time to read through this novel and thought that it would be appropriate to name the project as such. I hope that with this project they will discover how much Neuromancer can relate to parts of life today and how even though it was set in a futuristic age all themes can be understood in all parts of time.

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