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What method does Larry’s route take?

In chapter 2  of Where Wizards Stay Up Late, (on pages 48 and 49) the authors talk about Larry’s route. I found this particularly interesting, because in one of my classes, Artificial Intelligence, we were refreshing ourselves on ways to get from one point to another in a graph.

We went over : depth-first searches(DFS), uniform-cost Search(UCS), and breadth-first Search(BFS).

The numbers in the bubbles represent the order in which the graph would be searched. Only in a uniform-cost search do the numbers on the line matter before the end. In a uniform-cost search, you explore routes that have the lowest cost first.

So, my question while reading the book is:

Does he use some combination of these algorithms to decide a route from place to place, or does he just figure it out on his own? And if he just figures it out on his own, what must his thought process have been?