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Cyber bullying How to prevent it?

Well in class we were discussing ways to prevent this type of behavior. There aren’t very strict laws on cyber bullying and actual the laws that I have read seem pretty bogus. Seems to me that even if the laws were made, would they actual be followed? Even with most laws that we do have already, they are broken everyday. I have to admit that I am guilty of always doing ten over the speed limit, not proud of it. I just know that many of us know the laws we have but yet some how every day they are broken by individuals. I believe the answer to a question like this would be we can stand up against it. We can do this by when we see cyber bullying happening you can intervene with positive thoughts about the victim or comment about the behavior that is being displayed. When one person makes a stand against  cyber bullying others will follow. The limitation of this method would be the guidelines of your determination of  what is cyber bullying and not just a group of friends playing around. How do we determine that with out being the individual that is receiving the email, text.or post?