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Blog Post #19 Lawrence Lessig TED talk

Lawrence Lessig started off his talk opening up with 3 user generated content stories. The first story was about John Phillips Susa (spelling might be incorrect-sorry its my weakness) who went to the United States capital about talking machines. He claimed they would ruin music development in the future. Susa’s fear was we would lose creativeness in our culture because of the talking machines. Susa was definitely right. Looking on today’s society, we are losing our culture due to these machines who can write music for us. The second story was about land and trespassing and tying in airplanes. Were airplanes trustpassers was the biggest question in 1945.  This issue was taken to the Supreme Court but was turned down because if every plane had to get permission to fly over farms there would be tons of lawsuits suing airplane flyers and companies. This story tied into common sense. It said it should be common sense we should be allowed to fly over land without always having to get permission. The third story was about terror and content industry creating by the broadcast industry. ASCAP was the regulator who would broadcast and control content. They had licensing of all the content. BMI was then started and took public domain works that was given away for free (7:10-7:25 of video). ASCAP doubled its rates and claiming people would revolt. They would start using user generated content (ugc) on sites like YouTube  because it was amateur culture. “For the love of what they are doing not the money” (8:45 of video). Remixing has started to become a very popular thing especially among children. Its not piracy, anyone with computer access can do it. Laws make this thing illegal, technically. You are a trustpasser if you don’t have permission. Two extremes have come about from this: 1. Auto takedown – YouTube does it. Unfair use so YouTube takes it down 2. Extremism to fight the law and this should be allowed. We need to make a solution and it needs to be down now. I agree with Lessig. I think his idea about having a BMI again. This allows for everyone to be free with use of music to remix for example. Getting artist and business to agree on this is going to be hard, but it needs to be done.