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Week 13: Updates on the case


Snoopin around the ITCC

On Wednesday we flew over from Pasedena CA, to Virginia to help the Groom fella find the Night Rider. The trip took about 2 days. Hank is already having second thoughts on the trip and Joyce is trying to console him. Regardless of the distractions we finally made it onto campus. Its weird, to be honest, I haven’t been on college campus for several months now. But I can’t get distracted, I must find clues. According to Groom, the person left a cryptic message. Hank Deciphered it we believe that this individual may have a vendetta against Groom. Joyce suggest we should contact Groom to see if have seen anything weird. We also found out that a couple months back, Groom was “taken” to California and had recalled what happened to him. Either he is lying “huge possibility” or someone is out to get him. I considered that may we should question people in Virginia first before we head back to California to find out what happened to Groom once and for all.

Working On The Case, What the heck is a Night Rider!?!?

Night-Rider Case Update.

Introduced a new case to my compatriots Hank Hankerson and Joyce Jenkins. Hank was less than thrilled about it but Joyce and I finally convinced him. Joyce is also bring her camera to the scene of the crime so we can figure out what is going on. This honestly my might a wild goose chase. But we have to try anyway. Also, on a personal level, I feel more focused and driven then I’ve ever felt before. I post more details on Sunday.

Transcript of our conversation is here.