Cyber Bullying VS Bullying

Cyber bullying is just a different type of bullying, right? Yes and no. It is a type of bullying however it’s not your usual definition of bullying like you might think. Normally, bullying is thought of  something similar to this video, where so called ‘nerds’ are the victims.

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Cyber bullying definitely doesn’t have the physical component from a bully to a victim as shown in the following video. The video is an experiment to see how people would react if someone was being bullied in front of them. You may be surprised at what you see. While you watch, be honest. Would you stand up for the victim? Would you say something? Or Would you walk away and ignore it?

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Unlike bullying, cyber bullying has a much broader audience. Once something is put online, it stays there. Who knows how long it has been available, and to whom it has been available, before it gets taken down. Thus, cyber bullying is harder to escape from. Information in cyber space is hard to completely get rid of as it spreads so fast. Anyone with access to the web can see it and it is not limited to one location. For example, bullying may take place at school. When the victim is at home, they don’t have to deal with the bully, right? Cyber bullying brings the bully into the victims home, room, or other ‘safe’ place since the internet can be accessed anywhere. Cyber bullying also gives a bully the option to remain anonymous and not have fear about consequences of their actions.


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