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For our internet project we wanted to discusss the pas and present of the mobile web, how it works and how exactly do we interact with it, and on how grand of a scale. Demi  did apps and how we’ve become more dependent on them than the mobile internet browsers and just much we spend.  Jon job was evolution of the protocols and inferstructures it which it runs, expressing how mobile web went from something regarded as a novelty to something we use everyday. And Lex, wanted to show the current and near future inferstructure in which the mobile web and networks are now being build on and how exactly the work.
Sorry after having my original post revision deleted . Ill show you guys the simplest way 4G works
[jwplayer mediaid=”1203″]
But what actually is data and is another video which explains it and how we accumulate it 
[jwplayer mediaid=”1206″]
Now here are  some ways to conserve data
– close apps when
-disable auto-updating along with  and mobile data
-Rry to jse wifi as much as possible- 
-Get an app like My Data Manager
-Get an like Onavo Extend which uses a VPN to compress your data

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