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The timeline shown below briefly touches on the historical aspects of online dating. We went with the format of a timeline so one could see the natural progression of online dating as web popularity increases. Each point on the timeline is linked to a post on one of the student-based research blogs. Below the timeline, you can find other topics aspects of online dating, focusing primarily on social implications, opinions and issues that have arisen from dating someone online.

Other links to consider outside of the timeline:

Beginnings of Research taken from Lauren’s blog | “The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.” -You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Ever Gotten a Date Online? | Eun Jung showed this infographic in class during our presentation. Shows interesting online dating statistics.

Online Dating: The Movie List |Professor Jim Groom came up with a list of movies that have made their mark on the online dating world.

Pros of Online Dating taken from Lauren’s Blog | Mentions list of pros, online dating in the LBGT communities, references dating websites that welcome all partner preferences.

Conclusions of Online Dating Negativity taken from Issac’s blog | Proposes and discusses different negative aspects to online dating.

A Couple Sites You Should Check Out taken from Lauren’s blog | Relationshopping: the idea that online dating is comparable to online shopping; “Online dating works great, you’re just doing it wrong.” -Micah Abhrams, March 2013.

Forever Alone Flash Mob | A student shared this in class during our project presentation. Links to a video of an (involuntary) flash mob that consisted of guys who were stood up by online users.

Online Dating Translations taken from Lauren’s blog | Shared an article from Thought Catalog that translates what people actually mean in their online dating profiles.

Online Dating Advice taken from Isaac’s blog | Links to a video series based on online dating advice; speaker goes into the negatives of online dating and the issues that come of it.

“It’s Complicated by Dana Boyd taken from Eun Jung’s blog | Boyd talks about how teens portray themselves online; looks at social issues of racial and ethnic equality–“Although technology makes it possible in principle to socialize with anyone online, in practice, teens connect to the people that they know and with whom they have the most in common.”


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