When examining the Xbox one, it’s surprising to see how similar the console is to a surveillance device. In fact, Australia and Germany both declared the Xbox one as a monitoring device. After researching the topic for weeks, curious how Microsoft handled the Xbox one controversy, we created a parody commercial to highlight some of the Xbox’s features Microsoft didn’t tell you.

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The video starts with the phrase, “with entertainment comes responsibility.” This is in reference to the Xbox one’s nature, as it is more than just gaming. With all the nifty, new features, users should be sure to be responsible. While the Xbox one is a great deal of fun, there is lots going on beneath the surface that users should be weary of.

When Steve Gerrard mentions “someone is watching me,” this refers to the international attention Microsoft received in reference to the controversy surrounding the Xbox one. The kid claiming, “I didn’t mean to!” mimics Microsoft’s respond, declaring the Xbox one isn’t meant to monitor users despite it having a camera that is always on, and always listening.

Spock’s warning mirrors  several other warnings published in which consumers are told the harsh and surprising details surrounding the Xbox one. In the next scene, a racing car tells an onlooker they “won’t drive and tell,” referring to Microsoft’s promise to not leak or misuse any data. This however, means little as security mishaps and hackers are more than likely to occur with such a major corporation. This is again emphasized as a rotting zombie promises users’ information is safe with them. Right after saying so, the zombie’s arm falls of, demonstrating the unreliableness of his words.

The voice over then provides the core truth about the Xbox one, that personal information is recorded and stored where it can be shared with third parties, with no say by the user.

Through another scene, Romans march through a street where they declare to the consumer, “you know what to do.” After hearing some of the untold truths concerning the Xbox one, the choice is now up to you.



The above video and all notes were made by Alison, Faisal, and Zach

Royalty-free music provided by Josh Woodward via Jamendo

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