Personal Brand: Your Digital Identity

Personal Brand: Your Digital Identity

by Fairfield University’s Aloysuis Kelly

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author: Aloysius P. Kelly

Fairfield University discusses the importance of taking control of your identity online. In fact, they claim that you have a personal responsibility to maintain your digital identity and your identity in real life. They claim you can “elicit” similar feelings a brand logo like Starbucks or Google does with your own digital identity. Four key areas of branding for individual are:

  1. Your attire
  2. Your Professional Resume
  3. Your presence i.e. “the way you carry yourself”
  4. Your Digital Identity

The first recommendation to having a good digital identity is to conduct thorough online searches to find out what kind of information is already available. It’s important if you find unflattering information to take steps to control or remove the material if possible.  According to Repplar,  employers reject candidates 68% of the time because of undesirable online presence.  Second, create a professional brand online by creating a Google+ profile and a LinkedIn profile. These two sites are made for managing your professional image online. LinkedIn, according to Fairfield, is “an interactive business card”. It’s also important to include a LinkedIn summary statement that is “concise, specific and type free”. Pay attention to the last one! For example:

“I am a junior Marketing major at Fairfield University with a minor in Communication and English. My professional experiences lie in marketing, Project Management, Public Speaking, and Public Relations. I have had the opportunity to intern at Gain Communications where I honed my consumer marketing expertise and skills.”

Finally, it’s also important to collect recommendations from every one of your experiences, which will help “paint a well rounded image of yourself”.

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