Uploading Concept Maps to Your File Manager

You can make Cmaps into web pages directly from the program menu: File – Export Cmap As – Web Page. This generates a JPG image of the map and an HTML file. To get that HTML into a blog post, it has to be online somewhere. Paul Bond has already demonstrated how to upload the HTML and JPG files to a service like Dropbox.

This tutorial will take you through how to upload the html and jpg files to your own server through CPanel. Login at whateveryourdomainnameis.com/cpanel (for example, mine is jimgroom.com/cpanel) and look for the file manager.


Click on the File Manager and you should be able to click on the “GO” button on the dialog box to access the public_html file on your server, which is the directory where all your web-facing files are installed. You will be uploading your html and jpg files here.

Click on the Upload button.

You will be given the following screen where you will uplaod the html and jpg files on your computer. You will most likely have to uplaod them one at a time.
Once that’s done, you should see them in the directory.

And if you go to http://jimgroom.com/as_we_may_think.htm you will find the interactive ccnept map there.

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