Important: Updated Schedule Information for Week 3

As we discussed in class this evening, there will be no class this Thursday. I will be out of town, and the logistics of Paul and I holding class in a virtual environment may prove more overhead than benefit.

So, here’s what:

So, here’s what:

1) Concept maps connecting three of your readings on a singl topic you researched are due on your blog this Thursday. Here is the tutorial for uplaoding the html and jpg file to your own site. Tag this #cmap

2) Based on the discussion around Vaneveer Bush’s vision of the future of communication we had tonight, try something similar yourself. Describe what you think communication will be like 50 years from now. Tag this post #aswemaythink

This is due anytime Friday (1/31). Have fun and be creative!

3) You need to comment on at least four of your classmates’ posts about the future of communication. These need to be real, thoughtful comments, not something like “nice post, big fan.” That’s not a comment, that’s lazy. If you don’t know what to say, take some time and think about it. You can find all the posts on the course site here:

Finally, Paul and I will be contacting the students that will be part of next week’s panel on the history of the internet, stay tuned.

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