The Internet Course Routes Around Snow Days

49579-Charlie-Brown-Snow-GifAll classes at UMW have been cancelled for tomorrow, February 13th. Given this we are resorting to plan b because Paul and I designed this course, in the spirit of the internet, to route around snowdays!

Plan b is each of the seven memebrs of the “How it Works” panel will make a video explaining the internet-related topic assigned to them below. The videos should be between 3-5 minutes. We expect it will be entertaining and creative. We don’t want a boring “talk at your video cam” video. Enlist some people during the snowday, and have some fun with this assignment. Also, the videos MUST USE SNOW OF SOME KIND! Interpret that as you may.

Jack: How Hypertext Works
Matt: How does Git work?
Meredith: How does Gopher work?
Faisal: How does email work?
Lex: How does Bit Torrenting Work?
James: How does Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin work?
Will: How do Usenet News groups work?

After creating the video it should be posted to your blog (embed it from aservice like YouTube or Vimeo for best effect) with the tags “how it works” and “snowday” The videos are due no later than tomorrow, 2/13, before class would have started at 6 PM.

Once they are posted they will be featured on the front of the course blog. After that, we expect the rest of the class to comment on them intelligently by the end of day Friday, 2/14.

Happy Velentine’s Day 😉

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