Week 6: Creation, Consumption and the Internet

Welcome to Week 6 of the Internet Course wherein we’ll discuss a variety of themes around the topic of Creation/Consumption and the Internet. Paul Bond has gotten us started with a great primer post on the topic, and you can find the summaries with links to the articles for the week here.

In preparation for tomorrow’s panel Paul and I would like to have the entire class watch two videos. The first is Jon Udell‘s “Heavy Metal Umlaut” which provides a fascinating case study in 2005 of how knowledge is collectively created on Wikipedia. [Click here to watch video.] Additionally, we want you to watch Michael Wesch’s video “The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)” to consider the implications of digital media and the web on our culture more broadly.

We would like the entire class to write a quick reponse to these videos keeping the topic of creation/consumption in mind. What does the web do to our cultural ideas of creation and consumption? How do these videos frame that shift? This is due before class tomorrow. Use the tag “creation/consumption” (no quotes).

Finally, linked are this week’s Google Doc that the panelists have prepared. Unfortunately, as of now this panel’s work on the Google Doc is meager at best. That said,  we hope that this will be recitified shortly as they fill-in topics, talking points, discussion questions, links to resources, etc.

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