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Applications Usage by Age



One of the aspects that I plan to talk about, during my final project is the Applications Usage and their age. This is a

graph/chart that I found that will help me with this aspect of Applications that my group is talking about .

Price of Applications


For my groups presentations on of the aspects that I looked at was price of applications. This charts gives a great deal of information for the price of applications and it even sorts the information out by year.

Research Prject 4/16/2014

I enjoyed the group that went last night “Online Dating.” One of my favorite things that the group did was showed info graphics. The info graphics that the group showed gave a lot of useful information. I wanted to look up info graphics on the use of Mobile Applications. One of the info graphics were “84% of Smartphone owners use Mobile App. during their Morning Routine.” The data that I collected from that info graph was good information, but that information was only the use of mobile applications in the morning time. Another info graphic that I looked at was titled “Mobile App Development Interesting Facts.” This info graph gave a lot of information on Applications. On the info graph it said that the 20% of users browse the web while 80% use mobile applications.
For the final project I will make my very own info graphic. I decided that I wanted to make a info graph because it shares a lot of information. I will make the info graphic with information that I find in my research. There are a lot of info graphics out there on Mobile Web par say but there are not many directly on the usage of Applications. I have found a website that I will make my info graphic on, now I just need to come up with a title of the info graphic and the key things that I will have on my info graphic. Beyond Excited, this is the first time that I have made a info graphic so I’m really excited!! :)

The link to the first info graphic that I looked at.

The link to the second info graphic that I looked at.

Week of April 14

I wanted to look at my usage of application , I played around with my phone and I actually found out that there is a way you can look at the usage of which application that you may use the most and what not.  Screenshot_2014-04-15-17-29-10

Social Media on Politics

I really liked the topic that was talked about last class. I never would have never thoughts about putting Toes two aspects together. I did like the videos that were played.

To the group Social Media on Politics I found some useful information !!! Whispering Campaign also known as “Whisper Campaign”

Maybe you could look at how has Whisper Campaign being used on Social Media.

Week of March 31st

On April 3rd my group presented : Mobile Web. During the presentation I went over What a Mobile Web Application is. I gave my definition of what a mobile application is also. I talked about two specific applications, VIP Black and Flappy Birds.
• (VIP Black)
-The application runs a whopping $1000, but actually serves as a functional
service and people buy it! With VIP Black, users can order private
transportation such as helicopters, and jets, special dining offers, and more.
• (Flappy Birds)
– Flabby Birds was created by a Vietnamese game developer by the name of
Doug Nguyen age twenty nine and he made the game in less than two hours,
with this app he made $50,000 per day.
I talked about Mobile Usage : Mobile Web has seen to be increasing in the year of 2014! The company claims that users are now spending 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices as of March 2014, up from 2 hours, 38 minutes as of a year ago. Meanwhile, mobile app usage accounts for 2 hours and 19 minutes of that time spent, while mobile web usage has dropped from 20% of the U.S. consumer’s time in 2013 to just 14% – or 22 minutes per day – as of last month.

Impacts of the Internet Panel

There is a huge impact that the Internet has on each one of us. The Internet has it pro’s and cons. Today in class we talked about many of those impacts that the Internet. I enjoyed this topic, it really made me think. When Jim asked the question, {Could we finish the semester without using the internet}, I feel that no one could have answered that question with a yes. But then I started to imaging what if …. we didn’t have the internet… same thing I wouldn’t not be able to finish the semester. I like the things that the panel talked about today, I am excited to hear about Impacts of the Internet with Cyber bulling.

Here a Great Link on Cyber Bulling that you might want to share.

My Story

The Internet has had many social, economic and cultural impact on me. The one that I enjoyed the most would be social. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t know much about my class mates from high school (all 55 of them).
My Story: I wake up… check for my phone check Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Tumblr,My Email and Respond to my Txt messages.Before I start my day I know what going on with everyone of my friends that’s on social media, then my day begins I go to class, eat lunch go back to class then dinner and then again I go and check what is going on in everyone else world. Before I go to sleep I know what is going on in everyone else world.

Digital Identity

The “Digital Identity” group had interesting topics. I did like the topic that came up about “Catfish”. I did a little research on that :
- Catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using, social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.
- There a total of 40 Million Americans that have tried online dating
- Average length of courtship before marriage for those who met online – 18.5 months
- Average length of courtship before marriage for those who met offline – 42 months
- Percent of all sex offenders who choose to use online dating sites to meet people -10%
- Men lie most about: Age, height, and income
- Women lie most about: Weight, physical build, and age.

Digital Identity, if not the most one of the important topics. You Digital Identity is your next resume as someone said in class. I f I was in the position to hire, the first thing I would do, is look them up on the internet.
A process that I saw online about steps you should take on the internet ….. (Thought It Might Be Helpful)

T – Is it True
H – Is it Hurtful
I – Is it Illegal
N – Is it Necessary
K – Is it Kind