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More cyber bullying links



Cyber bullying links

Tyler Clementi suicide:

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Cyber Bullying arrest:

Social/economic/cultural impacts of internet

Tuesday’s discussion brought up interesting points.  One was how shopping used to be done in catalogs, to the stores, and now on the internet.  I do most of my shopping done online now. One reason is, it is faster to look at stuff and Amazon’s 2-day shipping.

As for social media, I used to have a lot but decided to just delete them.  I only keep Facebook for group projects.  I have a blog to keep my art portfolio on, but other that than social networks just seems like a hassle now.  I believe our society relies too much on the internet and phones for that matter.


The Internet as a part of my life.

Last weekend I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a conference. Going into a city with no smartphone and no knowledge of that area was different. (This wouldn’t really bother me as much if my phone hadn’t died an hour before I was to leave for the trip.) So many places made people pay $10 or more to get wifi.  At the airport they gave 20 minutes of free wifi, but at the hotel wifi was only in certain parts of the hotel.  From going to a place where i’m able to always connect to the internet to not being able to get it for more then 10 minutes a day was really different.  You don’t realize how much you use the internet.  When I got lost in the city, I had to find someway to find my way back.  If somebody emailed, I couldn’t see it.  I couldn’t see what temperature it was until I stepped out of the hotel

The Internet impacts every aspect of my life. From google maps, to email, to checking the weather, even talking to people on social networks.

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For discussion on Thursday:
  • ​Should employers be able to look up a persons digital identity before hiring?
    •             Should personal life and work be separated.
  • ​Is our digital identity secure? Did companies like Target actually trying to protect our data before credit card information got stolen.
    •             ​​Google provides hacking competitions to find problems before they happen and also Pwn2Own competition
  • ​​How social media website have helped connected lost family members/friends and lost objects


<!DOCTYPE html>




<h1>How to create an HTML file-The basics</h1>

<p>Open a text editor to complete these steps</p>


<h2>Step 1 </h2>


<p> In first line add     < !DOCTYPE html >   </p>

<p>Next line add        < html>      </p>

<p>Followed by          < body> </p>


<h3>Step 2</h3>

<p>To Create a heading, Add  < h 1 > (no spaces) (Then Add your Heading Here) Then close with < / h 1  >(no spaces)  </p>


<h4>Step 3</h4>

<p>  Add < p > (no spaces)  to create a paragraph  and then when you are finished typing your paragraph end with < / p > (no spaces)  </p>


<h5>Step 4</h5>


<p> Extras  < b > (no spaces) would create a bold word  and < i > (no spaces) would make a word italic </p>


<h5><b>Need more information? </h5>





What is property anymore? Response to Ted Talk video

“People taking and recreating using other peoples content. Using digital content technologies to say things differently”-Lawrence Lessig

Lessig provided some interesting examples of how people created mix ups of songs and videos.  How could you forget the “I will survive” clip.  As stated in the video, our generation has grown up with technology and the government has deemed some aspects of how we use this technology illegal.  Copyright laws is where this comes into play.  Breaking these copyright laws would be similar to trespassing as Lessig puts it… and some websites automatically take down posts that violate copyright even if there is a fair-use aspect.

So question is … Is it creative or illegal activity?


We make the Web: Response to videos by Udell and Wesch

What does the web do to our cultural ideas of creation and consumption? How do these videos frame that shift?

Users of Web 2.0 have been able to create and form what the web has become.  In Michael Wesch’s video The Machine is us/ing us, it talks about how the web is always changes and that the “machine” is using us, or can be interpreted as we change the machine.  In Jon Udell’s video Heavy Metal Umlaut, it shows the change of a wikipedia page from 2003 to 2005.  It shows the changes that users have made overtime.  These changes have expanded from not much user input—-> to changes that can take place within a minute. An example of this would be in 2003 the wiki page only showed 2 or so sentence.  As time went on this certain wiki page contained spam and the page would be back to normal in a minute.

The idea of creation and consumption can be how users have gotten more involved in the web and evolving the way the web works.