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G.I Joe

For the final panel, Where its Going, we decided to remake a G.I Joe PSA that were originally made in the 1980s. We all picked futuristic topics of the internet. I really think they turned out great! I picked self driving cars. I’ll place the video below. Before I do though, I found a few articles about self driving cars. This one was published by the Associated Press and this one is by The New Yorker Enjoy!

Up in the Cloud

So for the final presentation, I am paired with Maddie and Matt. We all decided to use the topic of cloud computing. As we were meeting before our presentations, we all decided to split up the work and pick different sides to cloud computing. I was tasked with the history portion to the presentation.

I used this wiki article to gather my some of the background to cloud computing. I really found this helpful to get the background. However, I didn’t use this as a major portion to my research. Cloud computing can be extended back to the 1950s, with the use of terminal computers. It was mainly used for communication. The first name for it was time sharing. Douglas Parkhill became the first person mention some of the modern day characteristics to cloud computing, in his book, The Challenge of the Computer Utility. Companies like IBM and GE became one of the first companies to use cloud computing. However, it became too expensive.   In the 1990s, telecommunication companies started offering VPNs or virtual private networks. This offered a lot of flexibility with cloud computing. This brought down a lot of expenses making cloud computing way more affordable. Now fast forward to 2006, Amazon launched it AWS (Amazon web services). Then it introduced Eucalyptus which was one of the first free and open source software editors. This started a major jump to cloud services now like Netflix and Cloud Lift.



Social Media within Politics

Today in class, 4/10, we discussed how social media can effect or sway a political stance. And to be honest I’m not really known to be very political. I just participated in my first election and I have to say I had no idea who some of candidates were for the senate election this past November. I have done some research on some politics and I am caught up on some of the current events within Congress. Politics never really came up in discussion with my family while growing up. I am definitely interested in politics so I think in would be a matter of research for me to find our which candidate I like better. But as far as social media swaying me to one side or another, I would have to say it doesn’t have an effect on me. If I see a funny meme or video I laugh then continue on. I don’t really think much of it. When I see it, I may already have made my decision on my opinion or I haven’t really done research yet. I also think its really cool to see how much social media has had an impact on the campaigns in the past 8 years. I really only remember it being a big part of campaigns because I didn’t start using social media until then, when I was in middle school. Now I just hate the time of year where there are upcoming elections because all I will see are ads about different candidates. I think the group that presented tonight has a good focus and I think their project will turn out very well.


I really like having the class discussions throughout the course of the semester. I really like listening to what other people have to say. On Tuesday, 4/8, we discussed the topic of cyber bullying. We talked about ways to stop cyber bullying. However, we came up with a dilemma, what do we define cyber bullying as? There is a wide range that holds a lot of grey area. So its hard to define really what cyber bullying is. The group who presented seemed really enthusiastic about their topic and I really think they have a great idea for what they want to do. During their presentation, they were tweeting links to the pages they were referencing. They even made a fake twitter of a girl who was being bullied by another girl. I really thought the girls presenting on tuesday did a wonderful job, they are definitely going the right way with their project.

Phase 1, Research

For the final project, the class was split up into groups and each group picked their own topics. My group is doing cloud computing. We are still currently in the researching phase of our final project. But here are some of the websites that I found were really interesting. This PDF, called A View of Cloud Computing  gives a great overview of what cloud computing is. It talks about three newer aspects to cloud computing, as well as the downsides and obstacles that are associated with cloud computing. I found another article, that I wrote a summary on for my first panel, and you can find that here. Basically this article just gives a run down of what cloud computing does as well. And it gives a great definition of cloud computing. There are three different types of cloud computing. There are 3 different types public, utility and private. Public cloud computing is readily available to people. Utility cloud computing provides a service to people, they can be services like Amazon and Netflix. Private cloud computing is basically an internal data centers. Cloud computing is really interesting, and I really look forward to digging deeper to find what other services that involve cloud computing.

Social and Cultural Impacts on the Internet

Social media definitely has a a major impact on my life. Especially Facebook. I first got my Facebook in 2009. At first I had to hide it from my parents, which took some effort, but then during the summer of 2009 I was allowed to have it. Facebook was just a time filler because I was extremely bored over that summer. Now Facebook is really just a tool for me now. I use it to communicate with groups, for group projects, and other things like that. I use it for work, to contact my co-workers. Twitter has become another way I share what’s going on in my life as well as Instagram. Facebook is starting to go on the back burner for me, I only use it for specific things now.

Digital Identity

This week in our class panels, we discussed our digital identities. This is definitely an interesting topic, because it can also be a good thing but it can also hurt you. If you think about it, when you are applying for jobs, your future employer can look for what you post online and decide if you are a good fit for the company just based on that. And I’m not saying all employers look at that but it can happen. Its really interesting to me because I really try to watch what I post because my parents have always taught me that what you write can come back to hurt you. Nothing in the internet really goes away. Its just like writing it down on paper. But that shouldn’t scare people away from posting, because our digital identity becomes very important to what we are and how we interact today. Most of our social media becomes a tool for group projects, or even with work (to some extent).

Property and Fair Use Videos

We had to watch 2 videos for class. They were about property and fair use. Now this has become a changing topic throughout history. In the TED talk Lawrence Lessig, talked about how this is true. He mentioned stories throughout history that had a major impact on property and fair use. The first one was Sousa, who invented the talking machine, which allowed for people to record their voice. The second one was about a supreme court case in 1945 regarding the term of “trespassing.” Before the time of airplanes, trespassing always meant, stepping on someone else’s land. Now since airplanes don’t operate on the ground for a long period of time (besides take off and landings), there was some gray space in determining whether or not they were actually trespassing. But the Supreme Court ruled that they actually weren’t trespassing. After this story he moves on to talk about people creating content just for the love of creating, not for money. So much of our society has become a sense of creating society, we are always taking pictures, updating statuses, tweeting. To be honest, I don’t really remember what it was like without the internet or even technology. My earliest memory is watching a movie on the television in the living room of my house. Our world is consumed by the way we create content. Our ideas constantly become public. I think society has an immense sense of trust as we put our ideas online and we trust that the rest of the world won’t take those ideas. However there are some people who do take other people’s ideas and make them their own. I really liked the presentation of the second video about remixes. It really goes to show how well we can change other people’s content and make it our own.