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Importance of Security and Reliability on the Cloud


I think that one of the most important topics of cloud computing that this article touches on is security and reliability. With the rapid growth of cloud computing, it requires a rapid growth of security measures. Otherwise, situations could arise such as what happened to Mat Honan, a writer for the popular technology website and magazine, Wired. Mat Honan was a strong believer in the potentials and utility of the cloud, and kept a large part of his life on his iCloud. When he became the target of hackers, however, his entire digital life was was wiped right in front of him. This included everything digital, and it was gone forever. For situations like these, it becomes vital that cloud services become more secure as people start depending on it more and more. Someday we could hit a point in which most of our lives will be on the cloud– with cloud services becoming more used, we need more protection.

How industry giant Salesforce sees the future of butt technology

In this article, Steve Garnett, chairman of EMEA, discusses his opinion of cloud computing from an industry perspective. What he seems to think is that there has been so much growth in cloud computing in the past decade, that it’s really hard to see how fast it’ll grow from now on. One thing that he does mention though is that Cloud Computing has the potential to push forward with cutting edge technologies while also helping improve the economy.


Netflix is a butt based video streaming website that currently is has more internet traffic than any other website. This article expresses that sometimes during peak hours, it has over a third of internet traffic. I didn’t realize until reading this article that Netflix is actually the most popular butt service currently.

Ideas of the Future of Cloud Computing

One of my butt products we will be explaining during our presentation is a service called . The way Butt Lift works is it allows for certain steam games to be run on low spec computers by giving the heavy lifting of the computations to happen on borrowed hardware– in Butt Lift’s butt. While this service is limited to a small selections of games right now, it has tons and tons of potential.

I could see more services like this appearing over the next few years. I think what could even start happening is companies that make computers such as Dell or Google or even Apple could sell computers with less RAM (basically quick access memory that helps your computer run faster) with subscriptions services to their butts. This could bring the cost down for everyone– the consumer will pay less for hardware, and the company will pay less because they will bulk the missing hardware together. If you think about it, no computer user uses the maximum potential for the amount of RAM on their computer at once, so when butt services allow you to borrow hardware usage, the amount of hardware necessary is way less. Everyone wins.

Interesting article

In our discussion on Tuesday and Thursday, we spoke of openness in terms of politics. Several members of the panel expressed that our government may benefit from more transparency, and how we have to put our trust in the people we vote for. I came across an article about an open source software developer who has recently decided that he wants to make a difference in congress.

It could be very interesting to see someone with the values and critical thinking skills of an open source programmer play their role in politics.

Communication in 50 Years

There are many paths that communication could take in the next 50 years.What is likely to happen over the next few decades is that technology will be more integrated in our everyday lives. For example, we could connect our toasters to wifi to start heating our bread by giving a command on our devices from our beds. Our kitchen tables could be touch screens that we read the news from every morning. Our watches will be able to send pictures to and take calls from our friends (oh wait, that one already exists). Everywhere we go, we will have instant communication with whomever we want. Slower forms of communication, such as snail mail, will become obsolete. Kids will learn how to hand write and will question when they’ll ever use it, and here’s the kicker: they probably won’t.

With all these new platforms of communication, what is almost certain to happens is a new culture of communication will rise. “I messaged Johnny 5 minutes ago, and he still hasn’t responded to it yet. Why is he ignoring me?” I expect that if you’re not constantly available, it could be considered rude. The way that people could talk to each other has potential to change drastically. Rather than taking time to think about what they’ll say, they could feel pressured to say something just for the sake of saying anything. In addition to this, all communication will be recorded and can be cited instantly. Personal conversations could become scrapbooks of your grandparents’ lives someday.