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My Vision of 2055

Futurama Fry


Cell Phone, Tablets, and Internet Cafes dont exist.  Telephone services and the Internet are only accessinle through an implanted CPU mounted in the cerebral cortex of the brain. Each persons ability  to access the web is through  the impland projecting images into the retina which you can explore a conventional webpage or an Alternative Reality mode where the site is projected into  your environment,  and can possible manipulate your world as you see it. The implant can also can also manipulate other senses, such as when your on the phone with your significant other and youll no longer have to ask what shes cooking because you can smell and if she wants to you can see what shes cooking through her eyes. In addition to The Network Implant  Unit or NIU is powered by body heat, has a constant GPS signal, if you need directions to a place want call some, take a pic and send it to your friendss, no need to press a button, just thinking is all it requires. When you get a call the NUI projects the callers contact info into your eye and you think weather to answer or not. As wellas night vision optic,s NUI  offers enhanced underwater vision as well as a sunglasses mode which you can manipulate the the tint of your eyes. Every person not on the internet has a HUD displayed in their displaying basic info and is customizable. When you look at someone depending on their privacy setting yor HUD will display info about them. Every person in the developed world has been implanted  with nano machines that body vitals and parameters. Measuring height, weight,  fat content, pathogen detection, lung capacity, fatigue and can manipulate the body depending on the users needed. Nanomachines can fend of pathogens, consume, ingested poisions, and eat cancer cells, all while sending  a report to your local hospital in the case you needed some more medical attention. A sure or fitness can simple set a projected weight loss goal or body fat percentage to maintain and the nanomachines will maintain, if you  you wanna bhild muscle the nanomachine can initiate protein synthesis and intensify workouts. Nanomachines can act as or make sythetic stem cells, when tissue damage is too severe. When a person is injected with stem cells, they initially run a diagnostic on that person, mapping out their body’s parameters, any deficiencies detected or report to or by machines can be aided by the Nanos. They can quell  mental problems and defficiencies like ADHD OCD, ADD, Skitsophrenia, producing chemicals which and deploying them directly in the brain. The Nanomachines also work with the NUI.  This is just the tip of the iceburg tell me what you think.