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As We May Think

What will the web be like 50 years  from today. Will it even be the web sitting on top of the internet or will it be something else. The changes over the last 50 years have been astounding and profoundly impact how we live and access information.

It really is all about how it can make our lives more efficient. And I think the way we interface with the internet is going to profoundly change for one doing away with the massive slow boxes and having simple chips in our heads or glasses in front of our eyes but that is just the hardware side and everybody knows the magic happens in the software.

So what’s going to change about how we view the web and what I think this really about is growing the web in the concept of it being a series of links(like a spider web) creating the raw data. Tim Berner-Lee has great speech on this and how it is the real power of the web available here. I think when the number of connections grow as humans combine their collective  processing and thinking power to grow the web the relationships it will reveal to us will become obvious and create solutions to problems people weren’t even contemplating when they created that link in the web. What this will create we can only dream of but that is how we unlock the true potential of the web and collective human intelligence.

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Communication in 50 Years

There are many paths that communication could take in the next 50 years.What is likely to happen over the next few decades is that technology will be more integrated in our everyday lives. For example, we could connect our toasters to wifi to start heating our bread by giving a command on our devices from our beds. Our kitchen tables could be touch screens that we read the news from every morning. Our watches will be able to send pictures to and take calls from our friends (oh wait, that one already exists). Everywhere we go, we will have instant communication with whomever we want. Slower forms of communication, such as snail mail, will become obsolete. Kids will learn how to hand write and will question when they’ll ever use it, and here’s the kicker: they probably won’t.

With all these new platforms of communication, what is almost certain to happens is a new culture of communication will rise. “I messaged Johnny 5 minutes ago, and he still hasn’t responded to it yet. Why is he ignoring me?” I expect that if you’re not constantly available, it could be considered rude. The way that people could talk to each other has potential to change drastically. Rather than taking time to think about what they’ll say, they could feel pressured to say something just for the sake of saying anything. In addition to this, all communication will be recorded and can be cited instantly. Personal conversations could become scrapbooks of your grandparents’ lives someday.

The future of communication

Future, past and present are all zones on the continuum of history. There is a trend we can see throughout human history that more people sharing more information more widely, more rapidly, leads to more and more advances in the human condition. The invention of the alphabet led, over time, to the scientific and philosophical heights of classical civilization. The development of the printing press led to a democratization of knowledge that led to the Enlightenment. The Industrial Revolution led to mass communications and mass literacy. Electronic communications, from the telegraph to the internet, connected people around the globe. And the internet, as we have it now, allows anyone with access to be heard globally. All that could come of that is beyond individual imagination.

One thing that could happen going forward is balkanization. We may see more politically or commercially motivated filtering and blocking to impede communications. Someone pointed out in one of the summaries that much of the world is learning English to take advantage of the internet. But I don’t see much interest in the US in learning languages other than English. Could that eventually make non-English parts of the web effectively hidden from us?

On the other hand, we may not be far from a Star Trek style universal translator. I heard a futurist talking about Moore’s Law about ten years ago, and he was saying that the processing power necessary for this was not too far away.  I’ve watched videos with automatic captioning turned on and automatically translated into English from Spanish or Italian. It’s barely intelligible much of the time, and the computer can’t always distinguish between sound and speech, but the fact that it can do it at all is kind of impressive. And it can only get better.

Future of Communication

I will touch on a few issues and  changes that will happen to communication in the near future. Right now we view ISPs as pseudo-monopolies that provide a service with barriers to entry. I also believe that cellphone companies will disappear. My guess is that in the future internet will be viewed as a public good because we will grow to depend on it more and more. It will be like sewage or public roads. I also believe the internet will be accessible from practically everywhere. The government will probably spend money on contractors to build the infrastructure. You will be able to download terabytes worth of data in little time. If our species really grows and we inhabit other planetary bodies (mars, our moon, and maybe some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn look like good candidates) we will have to worry about the latency from near light to light speed travel of data. For data to get to mars traveling at the speed of light it would take a few minutes. For data traveling to Saturn it would take approximately 70 t0 80 minutes. So communication to and from earth will not be as instant as it is now. I believe most of the social media will still be in place but my guess is that it will be more consolidated then it already is. Lastly I believe cryptocurrency will be just as popular as real currency.

In 50 years…

Thinking about the future is both overwhelming and exciting. I believe our human potential can take us anywhere we want to go.

I believe our future will be one in which first of all: EVERYONE WILL HAVE FREE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET! The internet is a public resource. It should not be a privilegie but a RIGHT! If we want to look out for ourselves and really see what we are able to do as a society, the internet should be easily accessible not only by the middle class but also by children living in impoverished countries. The internet is a window for people to realize their individual capability. We would never know if a person living in a hut in some country in Latin America, Southeast Asia or Africa is the next Bill Gates or the next Einstein until we give that person free access to this valuable resource: the internet.

Another thing I believe will be in our future is floors within buildings that will move for us. We won’t need to walk around buildings, the floors would be like giant treadmills that would take us around the different offices, classrooms, shops.etc. No more walking and feeling tired!

Finally, our future will have flying cars, no need for roads! We will be able to fly away in our own cars. There will be no more traffic!!

I believe these three ideas I have presented will make our lives more convenient and I hope that there are people in the future who will make these things happen for us!

Communication in 50 Years…

Fifty years from now, I imagine that communication as we see it today will be quite different. Handwritten notes and letters will probably be a thing of the past. Since most new technologies are concerned with speed and efficiency, things such as computers and cell phones will continue to shrink in size. Maybe cell phones will all be in watches, as some features are already available on a watch now. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone developed a way so that sending messages to people just by thinking what you want to say. Maybe this could be accomplished by using a Bluetooth device or some hat attached to your head. Most things would probably be voice activated such as turning on and preheating a stove or potentially even driving a car, though that would seem a little scary. I think it would be remarkable if transportation was possible for humans, which would eliminate the need for Skype and Facetime. Since we are already the ‘Now’ generation, I can’t imagine what the future holds!

My Vision of 2055

Futurama Fry


Cell Phone, Tablets, and Internet Cafes dont exist.  Telephone services and the Internet are only accessinle through an implanted CPU mounted in the cerebral cortex of the brain. Each persons ability  to access the web is through  the impland projecting images into the retina which you can explore a conventional webpage or an Alternative Reality mode where the site is projected into  your environment,  and can possible manipulate your world as you see it. The implant can also can also manipulate other senses, such as when your on the phone with your significant other and youll no longer have to ask what shes cooking because you can smell and if she wants to you can see what shes cooking through her eyes. In addition to The Network Implant  Unit or NIU is powered by body heat, has a constant GPS signal, if you need directions to a place want call some, take a pic and send it to your friendss, no need to press a button, just thinking is all it requires. When you get a call the NUI projects the callers contact info into your eye and you think weather to answer or not. As wellas night vision optic,s NUI  offers enhanced underwater vision as well as a sunglasses mode which you can manipulate the the tint of your eyes. Every person not on the internet has a HUD displayed in their displaying basic info and is customizable. When you look at someone depending on their privacy setting yor HUD will display info about them. Every person in the developed world has been implanted  with nano machines that body vitals and parameters. Measuring height, weight,  fat content, pathogen detection, lung capacity, fatigue and can manipulate the body depending on the users needed. Nanomachines can fend of pathogens, consume, ingested poisions, and eat cancer cells, all while sending  a report to your local hospital in the case you needed some more medical attention. A sure or fitness can simple set a projected weight loss goal or body fat percentage to maintain and the nanomachines will maintain, if you  you wanna bhild muscle the nanomachine can initiate protein synthesis and intensify workouts. Nanomachines can act as or make sythetic stem cells, when tissue damage is too severe. When a person is injected with stem cells, they initially run a diagnostic on that person, mapping out their body’s parameters, any deficiencies detected or report to or by machines can be aided by the Nanos. They can quell  mental problems and defficiencies like ADHD OCD, ADD, Skitsophrenia, producing chemicals which and deploying them directly in the brain. The Nanomachines also work with the NUI.  This is just the tip of the iceburg tell me what you think.

the future of communication

when asked what communication might look like in the next fifty years, it’s important to look at the current advancements of communication and what kind of technology already exists. When advertising communication devices the most important qualities seem to be size and accessibility. Thin and compact designs are deemed the most convenient and nearly every device has instant communication to other devices. (texting, skyping, receiving Facebook notifications and emails all on the same smart phone, etc.) I predict that in the future, we will only need one device for everything. Much like the technology that exists in comics, we will have a small device that has the ability to project a larger, holographic device as needed. I imagine a watch, it’s small and located conveniently on the wrist, a

nd it will have the same functions as a phone, a gaming console, a computer, mp3 pla

yer, and whatever else technology exists out there now and in the future. Obviously, the screen of a wristwatch wouldn’t be comfortable for the majority of these tasks, and a touch screen keyboard isn’t always practical, which is why, as needed, a larger screen and a keyboard may be projected. If both hands are needed, the watch can easily be placed on a desk or table to project the needed screen and keyboard.

For verbal communication, I imagine there would a be device similar to Bluetooth technology. A small earpiece could be worn comfortably throughout the day and it would be commonplace enough that conversing with someone through it wouldn’t look as though you were talking to yourself.

Below are a few pictures depicting my ideas:






Communication in 50 Years…

Where will communication be in 50 years. Will it all be about robots, will it go back in time and cell phones are distinct? Just how will I be talking when I’m seventy years old? It will be nice to look back on this when I’m seventy years old, if the internet will still be existence. Of course in fifty years cell phones will be way outdated. In fifty years I believe that communication will be so digital. Of course in fifty years Internet will be free and home phones will be extinct!! Fifty years there will be no computers either. It wouldn’t even take fifty years for credit cards to go away, we will use our phones to buy things. In fifty years there will be no money, when you want to buy a piece of gum out of the gumball machine, you will have to reach down and scan your phone, which will deduct fifty cents from your account. How Cool !! Okay, back to communication, there will be absolutely no mail. I believe that communication will be handles off of a little small device, that will not be longer than your middle finger. This device will come in all different shapes and colors and you could print this device off a 3-D printer right at home.