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Technology is rapidly advancing, so there is no telling where it will go! I am pretty sure that there will be some time in the future where human teleportation will exist, something that can tell what your thinking, and many other gadgets that can pick up on internalized thoughts such as if you wanted to call someone on your phone, you won’t have to do it manually. Then again, I wonder if there will even be phones, my guess is no.Phones are getting ”smarter,” and they are also making watches that you can connect to your phone. This will probably end up taking a whole different route, or just come to a stop. I predict that there will be some kind of little piece that you can stick on your head like a little sticker you can take on and off whenever you please. It’s going to be inevitable not to communicate by these means. I feel that the government is probably going to be more strict in the future because of these technology, (I’m pretty sure they wsih they knew everyone’s thoughts anyway) so what better way to do it?

In 50 years from now…

In 50 years from now, what will communication be like? How will humans interact? What will our network as people be like?

Well as most of you may know… I don’t have an answer that has a money back guarantee.

Anyways, I have a wild guess. And honestly, it was the first thing that popped up into my head when I heard what we had to do for this post; so I am going to stick with it.

We are all going to wear a device, much like a hearing aid. This device will connect to your brain (somehow… don’t ask me. It just does in my idea) allowing you to send thoughts from one device to another… by just thinking it. And the recipient, who is also wearing this hearing aid thing, will just hear it inside their head, instantly. It will have the tone of voce and the sound of your voice too.

Step 1 – think whom you want to ‘talk’ to.

Step 2 – think of a message.

Step 3 – No step 3… they have already received it.

Step 4 – Regret why you thought of that thought and it’s too late to take it back.

What if the recipient is sleeping? They will still obtain your thought and process it the same as if they were awake.

What if you don’t want people to know what you are thinking? Turn the device off.

What if the device is off and you receive a though? It will have a voice mail (thought mail) system.

What if the recipient is dead? They would probably get it however don’t expect much back from them.

What if you were famous and everyone sent you thoughts? Sucks to be famous?

What if people managed to hack the network and your thoughts?

What if…

What if…

If we had this device, you know what I was thinking.

I call it “Thought Talk”

Why not dream, right?

What technology may look like in 50 years

I imagine future technology to be completely different than it is today. I mean granted there will still be some piece of technology still in use, like cars and maybe  cell phones. But I think the cars will be computerized and you won’t have to drive them. I also think there will be sims card implanted into your brain so you can text and call people through your thoughts. I also think that we will have permanent ear buds so we can listen to music whenever we want to. I think we will be starting moon colonization and maybe even taking trips to mars. There will be museums with technology that was present today, like actual cell phones, and laptop computers. That’s really fascinating to think that the technology we are using today, one day we will be telling our children “when i was your age I actually had to type my essays.” Like there will be a thought recorded that will potentially write your essays for you. I’m really interested to see where technology will go in the next 50 years.

I also stumbled upon this video about Phonebloks. But basically I think this is the phone of the future. The product itself is a phone but it consists of two main parts, the screen and the circuit board, but then there are multiple blocks that you can customize to whatever you need your phone to do. For example, if you’re a photographer, you can add a block for a camera. If you need a longer battery life, you can add a block with a bigger battery. You can even make a phone that has a simple call and text capability. I’m not the greatest at explaining how cool this phone is but here is the video so you can understand it a lot better. I think this is one of the coolest things. The phone also tackles the problem of the world’s increasing device waste. Because the world of technology is constantly changing, people want the newest and best thing on the market. So a lot of times they throw out perfectly good pieces of technology, like TVs and even phones. Phonebloks aims to decrease the amount of technological waste we produce. The phone tackles two problems at once.

As We May Think 2.0

In 1945 Vannevar Bush published an article in The Atlantic describing outlandish pieces of technology that few could comprehend. Flash forward twenty years and some of the worlds leading scientist and inventors were creating the man’s greatest feat, the internet. The ideas were there in 1945 but the technology wasn’t. Bush’s article served as a challenge to the academic and scientific world to pursue new ways of thinking to better our society as a whole. Instead of building weapons of mass destruction we would build machines of mass education and connection. Bush had a dream that scientist and scholars alike could share all of their information and discoveries with no limitations so we do not fall behind as a society. We cannot allow ourselves to be limited by access. It is our duty to share intelligence and better man than any other time in history.

To continue the challenge Vannevar Bush set in 1945 we must push science and academia farther than it has ever gone before. We must continue the trend of interconnectedness and sharing of information. Thus, we must ask ourselves once again how will the future change our lives for the better? The future is much different than as we may think…

Access still remains the question of tomorrow. How much access are we will to give to better ourselves as a whole? Access has its own limitation and that is to be expected. But how we supposed to strive for the better if we lock all our secrets in a little black box, lock it and throw away the key? Will the student of tomorrow be shunned from thought or will they have access to an endless amount of academic scholarship? This is not a question of science or discovery, but of philosophy. As we may think of the future we must continue to think about access. Is access a right or is access only for the privileged?

The instruments we use today have shattered our imaginations of the past in many ways. Technology has grown fast and wide in an exceptionally short amount of time. So as we move forward what types of innovation will we see that will help better advance our lives? We have already seen the introduction of devices such as Google Glass, which helps augment our reality. Will we continue to augment our own vision to give us Terminator like features? Will we ourselves become more of the machine than the machine becoming more like us? I say yes…

The you of tomorrow will no longer have to carry around a device to keep, store, and connect all of your content. You will no longer have to lug around your iPhone because you will become to the iPhone. Scared? Don’t be. Terminators will not be knocking down your door anytime soon. We will simply expand our brains memory and range of thought through the use of digital technology. Think about it, don’t you already have an extended memory bank because of your home computer or laptop? You do not to need to remember as much information because your computer does it for you. Tomorrow you won’t have to have that computer because it will become part of you. Augmentation is the way of the future.

The augmented man of tomorrow will be able to obtain directions to the new coffee shop across town without the infamous “click” of a button, but merely will just have to utter the words necessary to activate his mapping feature.  The “click” will be a thing of the past and will soon become obsolete. The majority of citizens will move away from personal computers because they will become the computer themselves. Only students, educators, and those who need a key board will find a use of the personal computer.

The wave of social media has taken us by storm over the past ten years. However, old forms of social media like Facebook and Myspace have begun to decline. Myspace itself became obsolete not to long ago and Facebook will soon follow. The age of a Domain of One’s Own is on the rise. Instead of relying on others sites the person of the future will run their own. Having your own personal slice of internet will be just as important as keeping up with social media today.

As Vannevar Bush pushed for dry photography before his time that trend will continue with digital cameras. However, instead of carrying an actual device to take photographs the augmented individual will actually become the camera. They will film their daily events capturing their everyday activities without having to pull out a camera or a phone. The augmented individuals will no longer be limited by a device simply because they become one themselves.

One oversight on Bush’s behalf was the revolution of video games that began in the 1970s. Using computers for entertainment rather than just for education and communication was never mentioned by the famed scientist. The way we entertain ourselves with technology will soon dramatically change. Just as the augmented individual of tomorrow will become the device they will also become the controller. The analog is of tomorrow’s past while your hands, feet, and mouth will control every action you make when it comes to an entertainment system. There will soon be no separation of the television and gaming consoles because they will become one individual unit. This concept will revolutionize once again the way we entertain ourselves with technology.

The future is not as far away as we may think. The augmented individual will rise and those who will rely on multiple devices will fall behind. Embrace the future, technology will serve us for a long time to come. And no terminators will not start Judgement Day as much as Hollywood would like us to believe.  Technology is here to better us as a civilization and we shall not limit its capabilities. As we think of the future remember it may not always turn out the way you thought it would.

As We May Think: What is the future of communication?

Things I expect to see in the future (and would be upset if they are never created.)

>Laptops with built in hologram sensors so that when we’re video chatting with people, not only will they see us on the screen, but a hologram projection of our entire body will be right in front of them. While on the topic of holograms, imagine if you could save the professor’s entire lecture and have his hologram and chalkboard playback right in your room?

>Writing utensils that store every stroke the user makes. This information can be stored on the pen or pencil so that when a button is pushed, the pen/pencil will start writing the saved data on its own. A PEN THAT WRITES YOUR ESSAY FOR YOU!

>Cords that attach to the sides of your head and type sentences to your laptop based on what you’re thinking. (Just don’t have a dirty mind.)

>Two words: Downloadable food. Let’s say famous chef Emeril was making a caramel soufflé and you’d KILL to know how it tasted. Well, Emeril can use a platform to upload the taste onto and have it emailed out to all of his viewers. The viewer can then download an edible image of the soufflé and EAT IT! Why order Chinese from that crusty old shop down the street when you can get real chinese food from China! (Potential Danger: Hopefully the food wont have a virus.)

>Jetsons style teleportation tubes. No more cars, nuff said.

“Jane! Stop this crazy thing!”