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Hobo Speech Tutorial

The first thing to do is to record the speech itself. If you have a microphone, the easiest way is to record directly into Audacity. You could also use another program to record the speech, or record it on your phone and move it onto your computer. Either way , if the speech is saved separately, you can click “File” then “Open” and find the file you want to use.

file select

Next you’ll need to import the background noise you want to use. I found some city noises on Freesound. Click “File”, then highlight “Import” and click “Audio” and find the sound file you want to use.


If the sound is too short, you can highlight it, then copy and paste it to the end of itself, effectively doubling its length. If the sound is too long, you can highlight the excess portion and press the “Delete” key. You will most likely need to use a combination of the two.

Once the background noise is at an appropriate length, listen to the project and make sure everything sounds okay. If the speech is too quiet or the background noise too loud, you can use the volume controls on the left side of the screen to adjust accordingly. After you’re satisfied with the way it sounds, go ahead and export it as an MP3 file. To do this, click “File” then “Export”.


Now all that’s left is to upload the MP3 file to SoundCloud and write your blog post. Don’t forget to include all the right stuff in your post.