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Evolution vs Revolution

This  I ‘ve found interesting, is how revolutionary technologies tried to revolution and then bombed in comparison to their competitors. My idea is there is no such thing as a revolution in the Tech World but instead technology must evolve up until that particular point. Ill list you several cases:

Blu Ray vs HDDVD

One of the more recent  and most publicized of these. HD-DVD attempted to better blu ray with a lower cost, with its live bonus features, extras that could play during a movie, and internet connect player. It was set and advertised to revolutionize the industry, and beat blu ray to market by 6 months. But when different studios began seeing and adopting blu ray  for its larger size and its intergration inside the PS3 , while the xbox had an outboard paripheral which didnt sell.


Firewire vs USB

I’m not going to lie firewire had massive potential. It was  something like 4 or five times faster than USB 2.0 and had gresater capacity, but there is no revolution. Because its use was limited to iMacs which weren’t popular like today. While usb’s slow and steadywins the race, as you can see through 1 2 and 3.0 they have literally just got the speed of firewire?

Can anybody name a time there has been a revolution in technology?