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Internet on the mobile web

To start. I was told I was wrong about it being illegal jail breaking an iPad. I did research again, and found out I was actually right.

Go to that website. I could put up more websites, and it’s ok to jail break an iPod, or iPhone, but that’s not the case for an iPad.

Besides proving I was right, I like the presentation they had, I’d say to not rely so much on the social aspect of it, but more of the creative uses of it. If you look back to creative consumption, would it be better to have the mobile web, or just use the computer? Is it actually worth it to people to use. I said earlier 20% of people in the U.S don’t use the internet. If The mobile web is such a great thing now, then why aren’t people using it?

Social on the Net

Social Consequences by James Everett Katz and Ronald E Rice. What I can say about this book is basically the do’s and don’ts on the web in a social environment, but not only does it talk about that, it discusses the multiple uses of the web over the years.  In chapter 2, I read about the ethics behind internet use, and it discusses are you not making bad post, are you not hacking, are you downloading music illegally.

It’s a good read. What is the internet to us over these years?  Are we gonna use the internet more efficiently over the years? Only time will tell.

Topological Internet evolution

This Article I read called, Observing the Evolution of Internet as topology, talks about the internet in topological concepts. It’s very interesting especially if you understand topology. The architecture of the internet is still evolving to this day. Some people may not understand what this article is talking about, so I’ll explain what topology is. Topology is a family of sets.  Think of the Internet in that same concept. After we used dial up we had broadband cable and now we can connect to networks. The network is structured in a way  a lot of people connect to this one source.

Think about the internet itself being structured in a way where we can access multiple websites. All websites are are files in a certain server. the topology of the internet is is changing from the way we connect to these files to get data need be for our own purposes.

Now some of you might be a bit confused because topology is an abstract thing. I took the class, so I would know. It’s hard to follow, but I hope you get the main idea based off the definition.