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The Internet has allowed our culture to communicate easier than ever before. Now, this is a great power in today’s society, however, this article shows a negative effect it brings.

“Cyberbullying and cyberthreats: responding to the challenge of online social aggression, threats, and distress” by Nancy E. Willard defines what cyber-bullying is and lists reasons on how its worse than physical bullying. Through the power of research, the book provides stats of children across America who are effected by, none the less, the Internet. Willard also describes all the different forms of cyber-bullying such as denigration, impersonation, outing and trickery, exclusion, cyber-stalking, cyber-threats, and the list continues. The book also talks about all the cyber-technologies and activities that aid this serious form of bullying, such as the internet.

The book can be accessed at UMW’s library.