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Cell Phones, a Final Arguement

So, Groom says that cell phones make us soft. I would beg to differ.

My younger sister has usually been the more dependent of us.

This past month she moved out to California to take courses and become a missionary.

Without being able to connect with us 24/7, she probably would not have gone.

While you could say that it just makes her more soft, I would say it empowers her.

Knowing that wherever she goes, for the most part, she can get ahold of one of us (even if just for a quick chat, or to hear a familiar voice) and get motivation to continue on the path she has chosen.

My sister and I have always had a close relationship, with her being so far away, it is difficult and by missing people back home, she might come home. Because she can get ahold of any of her friends or family at any point, she has more confidence and strength in that.

My final statement: Cell phones empower us through the confidence they establish that our loved ones are within reach, even if we do not actually call them we always have that ability.