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source 3 – why internet pirates will always win

This article  discusses the problems of internet piracy and how it will never truly go away. Nick Bilton talks about the different ways online users avoid getting caught and share pirated media. He compared piracy to a game of whack-a-mole; you whack one, and hundreds of little ones are created everywhere as a result. Copyright holders think that new laws will help stop the growth of piracy but it is noted that there are many ways around those new laws, and that piracy will never stop. It was stated in the article that there is an inverse relationship “between the legal availability of material online and copyright infringement”. The less something is legal available online, the more it will be pirated. Bilton also discusses the evolution of online piracy and how it will fuel the evolution of online  3D-printing.

I chose this article because it goes well along with my 3D-printing article. Not only do we have to worry about media being pirated but we will eventually have to worry about objects being pirated, and I think that is something important worth talking about. Nick Bilton is a columnist for The New York Times and frequently writes about consumer technology, hackers, and internet privacy, so I figured this article he had written about piracy would be of good use.