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How I Did the Final Project


For the video, first I found a UMW video online. After cutting out the parts I didn’t want and muting all the audio, I used the handy “Record narration” button to add my voice.

video editing


In both audio segments, I incorporated sound effects I found on Freesound. For the first segment, I used an eagle cry and the sound of a crowd screaming. In the second segment, I used a police siren sound and the sound of a car door. Once I had the sound effects I needed, I used the record button in Audacity to add my voice. I also had to cut and paste some of the sounds to make sure everything was in the right order.

eagle editing screenshot

arrested editing screenshot


For both visual components, I used Paint. For the map, I took a screenshot from Google Maps and added the circle and text in Paint. For the Iowa picture, I found an image of the state and added the text in Paint.

hiding paint

iowa paint


I made all of the beer pictures using the same PowerPoint file. First, added a rectangle to take up the entire slide, and made it red. Then, I added a blue, 24-point star. Finally, I added two Word Arts to the slide. For each individual image, all I needed to change was the image in the center and the text of the Word Arts. I found the picture of the beer bottles and the Heavy Seas and Starr Hill logos online. Using GIMP, selected the background color then clicked on “Color to Alpha” under the Colors tab to make the background of each image transparent.



What I Learned Undercover as a UMW Student

I have been tasked with a super secret mission: to investigate the life of the average college student. I was assigned to the University of Mary Washington by, like, the FBI or something. The basis for my cover is some some random online class I signed up for. Since the class is five weeks long, that’s how long I have to finish my mission. Again, this is an important mission from the CIA (that’s what I said earlier, right?). This is NOT something I just decided to do because I’m bored.

Week 1

The first thing to do is to get familiar with my surroundings. I need to explore the campus and memorize where all the important stuff is. This will also give me insight into the activities of the average college student.

Well, I think I have all the basics down now. Next week, I can focus on the more detailed stuff, whatever that is.

Week 2

Remember that online class I signed up for? Well, apparently there was a bunch of homework that I was supposed to be doing. Who knew? I ended up with a zero for the first week, but I’m sure there will be a curve or something.

Well, enough dwelling on my grades, now I need to figure out what the deal is with the mascot. They say the school’s mascot is the eagle, but I don’t see any eagles anywhere. The way I see it, there should be eagles all over the place. Luckily, I found an eagle for the campus. I can’t wait to show everyone!

Well that didn’t go as expected. You know, for some reason everyone seems really mad at me. Well, I’d better hide out in the woods for a while. At least until the heat dies down.

Where I'm Hiding

Week 3

Since I spent most of last week foraging in the mighty wilderness, I didn’t get any homework done. I ended up with another zero for the week. Now I’m actually starting to worry about my grade. Maybe I should start taking my schoolwork seriously. Or, I could figure out what all this college drinking is all about. That sounds more fun, so I think I’ll do that.

Beer Gotta Drink 'em All

I wasn’t actually sure how much success I would have walking up to random people and saying “I want beer”. As it turns out, if you do it long enough, you’ll get invited to a party! They have lots of different types of beer at this party, I wonder which one I should try first?

It's Heavy Seas

Wow! College students sure do like the fancy stuff, don’t they? So, how much should I drink. Like, ten or so? That’s a normal amount, right?

Too Drunk To Care

Update: I woke up in a dumpster. Yep. I’m in… uh… Idaho? Illinois? Indiana? Geography’s not really my strong suit, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of those “I” states.


I guess that’s what happens after a crazy night of drinking. Better start hitchhiking my way back to Virginia. See you next week!

Week 8

… or not. So, where I have been for the last 5 weeks? In jail. Remember that eagle I found earlier? Well, apparently it’s an endangered species.

It gets even worse. Not only did I fail that class I was taking, but I got expelled. I guess the whole not doing any classwork/getting arrested/spending a week living in the woods thing doesn’t sit too well with UMW. Overall though, I think my mission was a success. I hid from an angry mob, hitchhiked across state lines, and violated the Endangered Species Act. If that’s not the full college experience, then I don’t know what is.