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How communication will be in future?

Even though we already seen high level technology nowadays, but do you think we are going to have more than what we already have?

Well to be honest I have never thought that I will be able to communicate with my refrigerator to know whats inside it and the expiration date of what is inside it! Well you might say why would I need technology like that? just being lazy? No, but would you rather have messages from you refrigerator telling you that you have one item expired? or would you prefer drinking milk in the morning that already expired and rather than going to work you will spend your day at the hospital. Now let’s get back to the topic, how are we going to communicate/ interact with our world in the future? Based on what we are seeing in the current days, social networking, like twitter, Facebook, instgram, etc, I would say that our next generation will be also playing football using the internet! so if we already see this technology of smart appliance that give you the ability to control your machines remotely, then yeah  we will be able to control the ball remotely. This technology is meant to make everyday life easier, even for your everyday regular life, like going to your grandmother, to say “Hi” or even your parents  and friends, we all like hanging out with friends right? but this technology will make it easier for you and you can say “Hi” from your smartphone at your place and never hangout, you can hangout at your living room. . So if you disagree with me I want you to answer one question, how many times did you use your Whatsaap today or Facebook or any thing else that can makes you communicate with your friends through device! how many times did you use your GPS to find the restaurant that you like? when is it the last time you called a company that uses answer machine that can interact and understand your voice?  The way how we interact with our world today is all about computers (technology) , if we go back 50 years, how would our everyday routine be changed?  I don’t remember when the last time I saw my uncle, but I remember the last time I talked to him using my smartphone, which makes me worried that at some point there will not be  face-to-face communication, but it will all be through your computer,smartphone,or tablet.  Now there is more technology than that I might not know about, but this what I covered is what I see is more important to know about, and they significantly changed way how we interact with  live.