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That Thing: The Napster Phenomenon (2000)

During a brilliant presentation on copyright and fair use in The Internet Course tonight, the presenters shared a relatively short video called “The Napster Phenomenon” (2000). It was filmed while Napster was in the midst of its legal battles. It’s a pretty fascinating look at how much the question of copyright is tied up with seemingly indisputable notions of the recording industry as the source of great music, and by extension music as necessarily a commodity. I felt like it got at so many of the issues around control in such an industry that perpetuates a model regardless of its relevance.

But, beyond that, it has some classic moments featuring Lars Ulrich‘s campaign against Napster. No wonder this guy has become such a target for his idiocy when it comes to copyright and the music industry. If you are look for a treat, here’s the link directly to the minute or two of Ulrich spewing his uninformed bile :)