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Week 13: Disturbing Video. Preparing for the worst.

We found out was on the flash drive. I kind of wish we hadn’t. Apparently some psycho has the Night Rider in his possiesion. His “Precious”. Its so precious, that he tracked us down. The flash drive also had a virus that trace our location. We were ambushed, by him and his allies. They also kidnapped Hank. I thought I was prepared for this case. Ironically enough it was far from the truth. All I know is that this group is located somewhere in New York. Joyce and I are planning to go there right now. We must stop this “Spidey-Guy”. And we must save Hank.
I hope we are not too late.

Getting Frustrated and Followed…

It seems that finding the game turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Joyce uploaded the video to our Agency site in our Portfolio. And Hank is getting restless. I can’t say I blamed him. So after hours of searching, we decided to leave. On our way to the airport, we noticed a black Mazada following us around. We didn’t think much of it, but it looks like it was definitely following us. We decided to head over to the nearest gas station. Got out of the car and hid behind the building. After twenty minutes, the black Mazada drove away. I have know idea what that was about. But it seems the driver left behind a flash drive……..


Week 13: Updates on the case


Snoopin around the ITCC

On Wednesday we flew over from Pasedena CA, to Virginia to help the Groom fella find the Night Rider. The trip took about 2 days. Hank is already having second thoughts on the trip and Joyce is trying to console him. Regardless of the distractions we finally made it onto campus. Its weird, to be honest, I haven’t been on college campus for several months now. But I can’t get distracted, I must find clues. According to Groom, the person left a cryptic message. Hank Deciphered it we believe that this individual may have a vendetta against Groom. Joyce suggest we should contact Groom to see if have seen anything weird. We also found out that a couple months back, Groom was “taken” to California and had recalled what happened to him. Either he is lying “huge possibility” or someone is out to get him. I considered that may we should question people in Virginia first before we head back to California to find out what happened to Groom once and for all.

Working On The Case, What the heck is a Night Rider!?!?

Night-Rider Case Update.

Introduced a new case to my compatriots Hank Hankerson and Joyce Jenkins. Hank was less than thrilled about it but Joyce and I finally convinced him. Joyce is also bring her camera to the scene of the crime so we can figure out what is going on. This honestly my might a wild goose chase. But we have to try anyway. Also, on a personal level, I feel more focused and driven then I’ve ever felt before. I post more details on Sunday.

Transcript of our conversation is here.

Week 11: My Iniatiation To The Freedom Fighters Agency

This week was pretty busy for me. After much contemplation, I decided to join The Freedom Fighters Agency (FFA). Ricky’s death made me realize I must do something to make this world a better place. Also must figure out how he pass away, because its been bothering me for weeks now. Hopefully the FFA can help me out with that problem. The agency apparently is pretty small. I only met a few individuals, but there are probably more than I realize.

First things first, I had to compose a resume and sent it to them. I was told by a letter that they accepted me and was very impressed by my skills. I’ve been told I will start sometime next week.

Before was able to do any missions, I was told to come blindfolded to a warehouse. It was sketchy at first, but I think they were still testing me. There I made a oath/a quick thank you before an audience that I couldn’t recognize. I guess they wanted me to know where my true feeling reside.

Once I left the warehouse, I went back to my quarters and started to reflect on my experiences. I first created a rcollage to tell a story of my journey so far.

Realizing I just made a huge decision, I realize I must make a will for my data representation of myself. The whole point was to show the world the side of me that chose to fight for justice. To rectify my mistakes so I can make my agency and family proud.

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My Daily Creates.

Its been an very eventful week and looking forward to next week. Hopefully my new Agency can do some good in the world. And find some answers to Ricky’s death…

My “Outstanding” Resume……

Character Resume (3 Stars)

CPSC 106 Marcus Jackson Resume-page-001

If you ever was curious about my Resume that got me into the Freedom Fighters Agency…here you go. As you can see its a word document of the experiences I endured in Nevada. It seems the organization was not really interested in my school background. But they were intrigued by my skills as a hacker, “espionage skills” and martial arts background. I wanted to get across that I was a jack of all trades and they would be fools to not hire me. And of course they did accept me.

When I’m Gone……

Data of The Dead(3 Stars)



“If my untimely demise comes, which may come sooner than later since I live a crazy life style, I want to first have the Agency collect all the money I have confiscated from the mafia and give it to my family in Pasadena, California. Also, they cannot have knowledge most of my activities, So I request the agency to post all of the positive things I have done for the agency. I want my family to remember me as a crusader for the greater cause. I also want a picture of me standing on bolder, holding the American flag, with wind blowing behind while I star at the night sky. I know this didn’t happen, but that’s Photoshop is for. I want this to be the last image of people have of me.
Make it so!”

After my initiation, I decided to write a will on what should happen to my data if I ever pass away. I pretty much wanted my family and world to remember me as a hero. My goal is to inspire other to do the right thing and fight for justice.

A Quick Thank You….

10 Seconds of thanks


“I am thankful for the Freedom Fighter Agency for allowing for me get justice for my fallen friend Ricky.”

This task was my initiation to the Freedom Fighters Agency. We were required to recite at a 10 Second thank you at the top of my head. The first thing that came to my mind was Ricky. Hes sudden death was such a game changer. For the longest time, it was wallying in self pity. Now I am angry. I wanted to make and important statement. So this is my vow to do things right. For Ricky. For Justice.