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Week 13: Disturbing Video. Preparing for the worst.

We found out was on the flash drive. I kind of wish we hadn’t. Apparently some psycho has the Night Rider in his possiesion. His “Precious”. Its so precious, that he tracked us down. The flash drive also had a virus that trace our location. We were ambushed, by him and his allies. They also kidnapped Hank. I thought I was prepared for this case. Ironically enough it was far from the truth. All I know is that this group is located somewhere in New York. Joyce and I are planning to go there right now. We must stop this “Spidey-Guy”. And we must save Hank.
I hope we are not too late.

Getting Frustrated and Followed…

It seems that finding the game turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Joyce uploaded the video to our Agency site in our Portfolio. And Hank is getting restless. I can’t say I blamed him. So after hours of searching, we decided to leave. On our way to the airport, we noticed a black Mazada following us around. We didn’t think much of it, but it looks like it was definitely following us. We decided to head over to the nearest gas station. Got out of the car and hid behind the building. After twenty minutes, the black Mazada drove away. I have know idea what that was about. But it seems the driver left behind a flash drive……..