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Preparing for Summer and Other Fun Stuff

Well, it’s finals week again. Or it will be next week. Yup. Two days and one week until I am entirely done with uni for four whole months and I have a good list of things that I want to get done during that time.

Firstly I want to start streaming again. I had some good fun last summer when I did it and I’m sad that I couldn’t continue at university due to a heavily throttled upload speed. I made some good friends last summer and had some good times interacting with chat and I’d like to do that again this time around. I’m trying to figure out all of the good ways to incorporate the stream into this blog right as I type this.

Secondly I’d like to finally build my new computer. I’ve been planning on doing this for the past year and it’s just now that I’m able to get the opportunity to save what little else I need to make that goal (plus my aunt offered to contribute $200!). Look out for more news of that, because I think it’s related enough for it to get posted here. ;]

And finally on the list is finding part time work to support all of this. Hah.