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Future of Retail

You have your shopping list: a few groceries, couple books, new tool kit, and heck, a new hot tub for your backyard patio. Sounds like a long day or errands.

Kenneth Whyte, the writer of the article The interview: Author Brad Stone on the future of retail, the visionary genius of Jeff Bezos and why Amazon is much larger than it looks” talks about where online shopping is going and where its leaving.

So that list, I say check Amazon. But wait you say… Amazon doesn’t do groceries. With the future stand on our doorstep, one day they will. Giant Food Corporation already does, so why can’t Amazon? Amazon has also announced the concept of drones. Drones that can deliver whatever you just ordered in hours.

The Internet will allow shoppers to shop for whatever they desire, 24/7, around the globe. Yes, even for that hot tub for your patio.

“Brick and mortar retailers” are going down the toilet real soon in my opinion.


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