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all done!

just finished updating the class page, and boy is it nice to be done!

the video itself wasn’t too difficult or time-consuming to make, but it was interesting seeing it come together! the video is a parody commercial and we used the information we found through prior research to create the dialogue. since none of us wanted to do voices, we used a text-to-speech converter which worked well enough, the only downfall is that unless played loudly, a few parts of the dialogue can be difficult to understand on the first watch. Overall though, I would say the video is a success!

Xbox and privacy !

Almost most of people around the world use game consoles and few might not know that you can play the same game you are playing it in your PC and even better quality.  But would I give up my privacy for a game console like “xbox”? honestly NO.  And I also can not say I have no thing bad I do why would I worry about it?

Well I am not doing anything bad but I also will not feel comfortable while somebody is looking at me, the Kinect is the same thing but instead of a person looking at you, a device that recognize your voice and other’s voice, and takes pictures of you and can know how many people are in the room, it can even measure your heartbeat!

Why would Microsoft do this?

Well I would say because they created Xbox with advertisement in mind!

Also Microsoft have a history of invading the privacy of their customers . Microsoft few years ago stated that they will never release a private chats,audio/video, and at the end they released it and their reason for that it is response to the law

Xbox will be the same thing if it is still not!


This for education purposes!(Presentation)

it’s crunch time!

we’ll be presenting tomorrow in class!it looks like everything is coming together nicely, we’ve got videos and questions and interesting points to discuss with the class. we have an established structure and lots of things to talk about, though I’m still a bit nervous just because I’m almost always nervous before a presentation. but things look pretty good so far!

Presentation update “Xbox, the surveillance device!” How? Why?

I was searching on the internet to answer the question “why and how Xbox can be used to spy on you” and I what I found was really impressive and very bad. One thing that Microsoft made on the Xbox is the camera that is being active even when your console is off and can listen to your commands and even can read your heart beats with the right software Sean Hollister  stated. Sean Hollister  also stated that “Microsoft says it doesn’t plan to abuse that power, and claims it couldn’t even if it tried. The company told us that the Kinect’s cameras and microphones aren’t actually recording or transmitting any audio or video data back to Microsoft’s servers without the user’s explicit consent, and all ambiently collected data is anonymized. While some voice commands are processed at Microsoft’s servers, they’re converted to text before they ever leave the machine, and biometric data is translated into numerical values that simply indicate, say, where a player’s limbs are during online multiplayer games. While Microsoft says the Kinect is an “integral part” of the new Xbox, it also claims that sensing”(Could the NSA use Microsoft’s Xbox One to spy on you?)

Why would a company like Microsoft spy on people?

Although Microsoft stated that they are not going to spy on people, but Sean brought an example of Skype giving access to private Skype video and audio calls, years before, Skype assured that it is impossible to do such a request like “giving access to private Skype video and audio calls, and now…?

Would Microsoft help the government to spy on people?

Here would be the answer

Xbox One by Moo Jay




It’s been a while!

Between juggling work on the future panel and the group project, things have been intense!! Regarding the final project, we’ve decided to follow Jim’s advice and focus primarily on the xbox one and next-gen gaming consoles in order to unify our research.  I’m looking specifically at the future of these consoles and the kind of impact they may have in terms of monitoring users. The xbox on is notoriously known for once requiring users to always have the camera on, with little explanation as to why. This policy was revoked but is there a chance it might come back? Would it become the norm, and might other consoles pick up on it? Gaming has changed so much since consoles first came out, and ill be looking at how much more change might be in store for the future of console gaming.