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Convergence Center

I just stopped in the see Groom this afternoon. He was bitter about a project that he didn’t get to be a part of. I got to sneak peek the project.

Our classroom was transformed to a multi-media room. It was set up a with way too many cameras and screens. There were only three desks.

Each desk had a raspberry pi. This is a small computer that holds the basics of a machine. There’s a processor, memory, ram, all of that good stuff on a board about the size two iPhone 6 plus stacked on top of each other.

So what do you get in a raspberry pi? You get a computer you can muck around with for about 50 bucks.

I found it ironic that the main focus of the room were the three PIs. However to do the demo or discussion on the PIs, the set up involved 3 screens, 3 cameras, some kind of computer, and a server. This all probably cost about 100 times the amount paid for the single raspberry PI.

At what point did the world of sharing become more expensive than what was being shared??