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Technology is rapidly advancing, so there is no telling where it will go! I am pretty sure that there will be some time in the future where human teleportation will exist, something that can tell what your thinking, and many other gadgets that can pick up on internalized thoughts such as if you wanted to call someone on your phone, you won’t have to do it manually. Then again, I wonder if there will even be phones, my guess is no.Phones are getting ”smarter,” and they are also making watches that you can connect to your phone. This will probably end up taking a whole different route, or just come to a stop. I predict that there will be some kind of little piece that you can stick on your head like a little sticker you can take on and off whenever you please. It’s going to be inevitable not to communicate by these means. I feel that the government is probably going to be more strict in the future because of these technology, (I’m pretty sure they wsih they knew everyone’s thoughts anyway) so what better way to do it?