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Chaplin Escapes Animal Planet

Technology always seems to fail exactly when it is needed. I have been using iMovie more frequently than I normally do because of ds106 and it seems to have taken its toll. Every time I try to create a new project and begin working on it the software crashes unexpectedly. So this project that should really only take a little over an hour has turned into a half of a days worth of a mess. I tried to download a free trial of Final Cut Pro X, but of course it wouldn’t run when I tried opening the program. I went online and tried every last suggestion with no success, so I gave up after about five hours and downloaded a newer version of iMovie, which set me back a few dollars, but finally my issues were resolved. Enough about my technological deficiencies and more about the story!

The story is rather simple because it is somewhat like Planet of the Apes. Animals have taken over the planet, but not just normal animals, circus animals (cue dramatic music)! Charlie Chaplinn plays a man who just escaped from an animal run prison and is now fleeing the scene only to get caught in a cage with a lion. Luckily for him another human had just escaped and was near by to help him:

I wish I could make a feature length film of what life would be like living under our circus animal oppressors. I imagine that just like in Planet of the Apes, the humans try to escape and revolt against the animals. Of course this all takes place after Chaplin escapes from the Lion’s Den as I like to call it!

The video is not the greatest because it has sort of corkiness to it, so dramatizing it with epic music kind of makes it funny. I wish I could have added more, but it has been a little difficult getting used to this new version of iMovie. I am definitely liking the new version, but I think it will take a while to get fully adjusted. Though this project took me all day, mainly because of my computer issues it still was box load of fun!

Editing the video really wasn’t all that different from before just copying and pasting sound and footage together. What was difficult for me was adding in additional media like the text and and actually going in and editing individual pieces of footage and audio. Finding all the different tools I normally use was a little bit of a pain, but after a while I got used to the new process. Probably the hardest part of all was just selecting the right clips I wanted to edit. For whatever reason this new version of iMovie makes it really difficult to select clips with a trackpad. Here is what the new iMovie software looks like in case you were wondering:Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.15.00 PMAdding the audio was simple: I took the audio clips from random students on Sound Cloud downloaded them and then just pasted them in the correct positions with little editing. I wanted to use more audio from our class, but most students including myself made the mistake of not making the audio track available to download. Just a small oversight and not that big of a deal. For the music I used a song called “Black Vortex” which I acquired from Royalty Free Music. If there is anything specific you would like to know please let me know! Also, I hope you enjoyed the video!