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Controling smart appliance remotely?

This article gives information about smart appliance and the current made smart appliance. Soon we will be able to smart appliance refrigerator and cooker and washing machines as well as vacuum cleaners. This technology is meant to make everyday lives easier. The smart appliance refer to two communications, the first is  an interaction with a smart device like smartphones or tablets so that homeowners can control the smart appliance remotely, and  the second is the responding of the smart grid to the utility signals so that the consumer will be provided with a reduced energy usage which will reduce the energy bill. Smart Washing machines are able now to check it self using Wi-Fi connection, which will lower the amounts of calls and visits that the manufacture will have to do to. Now consumers have the ability to monitor the status of the was and monitor the cycle and remotely control it. LG made refrigerator that can communicate with your smartphone and diagnose the food that you have and tell you the expiration date for the food items as well as give you the number of items in your refrigerator. This article gives a very important information about how can things communicate together like smartphone communicate with refrigerator. And can give you a very important information on how could the internet  even do various things such as help reducing energy bills, or making life easier. Although these technologies are being already released, but not a lot of people now about it, and in the future this technology will help even people how have health problems to know what food is expired and whats not.


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How the internet work when its controlled by the government?

This article suggest that governments and corporations have more control on the internet and digital activities want to build a network that can never be blocked.  The article started by mentioning the egyptian government and how the internet in egypt was controlled from up-down, he stated that and included information about the ISP in Egypt, and that five calls blocked the internet in the egypt, these calls was as a well-placed phone calls as Dibbell, Julian stated.

He mentioned what John Gilmore stated that” digital-rights activist John Gilmore once famously said, ‘The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.’“ But here five calls blocked the internet for 80 million egyptian. How can the this issue be fixed? well yes there is some small and dedicated community of digital activists working on this issue.There are routers that are made by nonprofit community network called FunkFeuer. He stated” The signals that the routers beam and pick up link them, directly or indirectly, to some 200 similar nodes on rooftops all over greater Vienna, each one owned and maintained by the user who installed it and each contributing its bandwidth to a communal, high-speed Internet connection shared almost as far and wide as Kaplan, from the top of the smokestack, can see.”

Know as wireless mesh network is Funkfeuer. And there are no fees charged for connecting to it, what you only need is $150 a setup hardware. The equipment that the user install are maintained by the user. This article is important for two reasons first it can give quite important information about how at some points the government can control the internet, second, how is the internet work in a way that some nonprofit communities made a network that only the user can control it not the government. So to know how the internet work, we should also know how it works in the government side in the meaning of “Freedom” and “dictatorship”. Just like what the example says in the article that five calls shutdown the whole internet in Egypt.

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What is cloud?

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere, cloud computing means saving and accessing data and programs using the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Cloud is not about your hard drive which is called local storage. I must be accessed over the internet to be considered as cloud computing.

When it comes to business “ cloud” become different. some businesses choose to implement (SaaSm )where the Business subscribes to an application to it access over the internet like Salesforce.come, and There is (Paas) where business can create its own custom applications or (Laas) where players like amazon and Google and rackspace provide a backbone that can be rented out by other companies like Netflix.

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How are we going to browse in our cars?

This article talks about connected cars and stating that it has problems  such as browsing FaceBook is illegal when also the touch screen is not drivers best thing simply because they do not like it.  Any one who can fix these design issues and not raising rate of roadway deaths, or without looking for more buyer the new cars.

General Motors  on 2015 will have Chevrolet cars that have on board 4G mobile broadband. And that Google declared that they open Automotive Alliance so they can have their Android system installed into cars.  About all Car makers sound to think that our cars will be our smartphones in the up coming years  the . “Tobii is a 13-year-old Swedish company that makes eye-tracking software.” (Christopher Mims) Sensors that are able to tracks where your eyes is going and based on that the page will move up or down or if you focus on a specific thing it will select it.  Tobii in cars can make the drivers keep their eyes on the road while also using apps .

Shai Leib who created California-based Ask Ziggy. Ziggy can peform tasks like when you want pizza you simply just say to your navigation pizza, and based on what you asked the system will look for restaurants and bring up the nearest pizza restaurants.

Michel Tombroff says that 3D cameras are not like normal cameras and they can know how your hands are moving and where they are moving, which can allow you to command just by swiping in the air 3D cameras are now used in games on the PlayStation 4.

In my perspective this article is giving a very important information about the new up coming technology and how are we in the next coming years will be communicating with our cars or applications, it is very important to know that some people are working on things like the eye tracking software, that can really reduce the rate of accidents by alarming the driver. In fact, in the up coming new technology, the way we communicate with our computers or cars, will be really close to how we communicate with humans, the eye tracking software is such a good example on how can your eyes communicate with your computer and do what you are looking at, like selecting something or scrolling up or down, this is a very huge evolution that will move the technology to the level where we human will be able to communicate with machines through various ways, eyes, voices which we already see in cars or smartphones, or movements such as the 3D cameras that are being used on PlayStation 4.


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