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Controling smart appliance remotely?

This article gives information about smart appliance and the current made smart appliance. Soon we will be able to smart appliance refrigerator and cooker and washing machines as well as vacuum cleaners. This technology is meant to make everyday lives easier. The smart appliance refer to two communications, the first is  an interaction with a smart device like smartphones or tablets so that homeowners can control the smart appliance remotely, and  the second is the responding of the smart grid to the utility signals so that the consumer will be provided with a reduced energy usage which will reduce the energy bill. Smart Washing machines are able now to check it self using Wi-Fi connection, which will lower the amounts of calls and visits that the manufacture will have to do to. Now consumers have the ability to monitor the status of the was and monitor the cycle and remotely control it. LG made refrigerator that can communicate with your smartphone and diagnose the food that you have and tell you the expiration date for the food items as well as give you the number of items in your refrigerator. This article gives a very important information about how can things communicate together like smartphone communicate with refrigerator. And can give you a very important information on how could the internet  even do various things such as help reducing energy bills, or making life easier. Although these technologies are being already released, but not a lot of people now about it, and in the future this technology will help even people how have health problems to know what food is expired and whats not.


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