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When I’m Gone……

Data of The Dead(3 Stars)



“If my untimely demise comes, which may come sooner than later since I live a crazy life style, I want to first have the Agency collect all the money I have confiscated from the mafia and give it to my family in Pasadena, California. Also, they cannot have knowledge most of my activities, So I request the agency to post all of the positive things I have done for the agency. I want my family to remember me as a crusader for the greater cause. I also want a picture of me standing on bolder, holding the American flag, with wind blowing behind while I star at the night sky. I know this didn’t happen, but that’s Photoshop is for. I want this to be the last image of people have of me.
Make it so!”

After my initiation, I decided to write a will on what should happen to my data if I ever pass away. I pretty much wanted my family and world to remember me as a hero. My goal is to inspire other to do the right thing and fight for justice.

A Quick Thank You….

10 Seconds of thanks


“I am thankful for the Freedom Fighter Agency for allowing for me get justice for my fallen friend Ricky.”

This task was my initiation to the Freedom Fighters Agency. We were required to recite at a 10 Second thank you at the top of my head. The first thing that came to my mind was Ricky. Hes sudden death was such a game changer. For the longest time, it was wallying in self pity. Now I am angry. I wanted to make and important statement. So this is my vow to do things right. For Ricky. For Justice.