During the Spring semester eight different topics were covered by eight different student panels. Due to weather related scheduling issues the last of these panels dealign with the future of the internet were tasked with presenting their work in an alternative manner. Thanks to the genius of Meredith Fierro, they chose to present the various futures by playing on the 1980s “Knowing is Half the Battle” GI Joe PSA remixes. The rest is just awesome!

Below are five seven of the seven (I’ll update this post with the other two once they come in) GI Joe PSAs used to explain the possible future of the internet.

Alison Litvin‘s The Future of the Internet – GI Joe PSA Internet of Things

William Strand‘s “GI JOE PSA on the future of RFID chips

Meredith Fierro’s “Self Driving Car G.I Joe PSA”

Jack Eaton‘s “GI Joe PSA 3D Printing”

Faisal Albellaihi‘s “Mesh Network GI Joe PSA”

Demi Fulcher‘s “Google Glass GI Joe PSA”

Zack Goodwyn‘s “Bitcoin GI Joe PSA”