Methods of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying can occur through IM, chatrooms, polling sites, blogs, emails, texting, bluetooth, social networking, etc. Cyber bullying even exists on Youtube with happy slapping.[jwplayer mediaid=”1063″]

Cyber bullying  can occur as harassment sent through public or private messages that  consist of negative comments towards a victim(s) using communication technologies. Like bullying, there is at least one bully and at least one victim. The methods of harassment can include the displaying of false information about the victim on the web for others to see or angry messages sent to victim privately. These messages, whether sent repeatedly or not, could pertain threats of future harming of the victim, friends and family of the victim, or of oneself. Excluding the victim from entering a chat room or game is even considered to be cyber bullying and so is cyber stalking.

What about when it’s two friends giving each other a bad time and joking? Where’s the line? Here’s a hint…It’s a fine one.


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